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  1. hey thanks for the response! i have spider mites too, but usually can handle them, rub them off or spray them with water or neem. I have been using neem, and it helps with the spider mites, and definitely knocks the whiteflies numbers down, but i cant seem to fully extirpate these things-im spraying twice a week, shouldnt need that much, 2-3 successive applications should get the job done. so the neem is not really working. i guess that brings up another question though- if i feed the roaches leaves and other scraps from my garden, after i have sprayed the leaves with neem, is consuming neem residues toxic to the roaches? i thought neem mostly works by suffocating bugs on leaves, coating them, and coating the leaves with a semi-protective layer...is this correct? i have tossed a few leaves in the roach bins without thinking about it, i havent noticed negative effects, but would hate to find out the hard way! anyway, so i was thinking a biocontrol fungus could work well, as it should multiply and spread on its own, colonize the flies, make spores and spread to other flies, etc. but then the spores will inevitably be in the air, and on me, and well the roaches are in the closet of the same room. it all depends really on whether these fungi are pathogens to roaches, might even come down to the specific fungal strains used. i tried to look up some science, but cant find any specific info. not sure if i want to be the one, sacrifice these roach colonies in the name of science... then i stumbled on these predatory mites, and thought they might be easier to manage, no airborne spores, and they might not even attack roaches, but cant find much info either. hoping maybe some roach experts here have some insight. all the fungi experts i know would just want to experiment haha. cant say i know any mite experts...
  2. Hi all! i breed several types of Blaberidae roaches as feeders (dubia, discoids, orange heads, and pantanal). I also have an indoor garden. I have have had an increase in insect pests in my garden, particularly whiteflies and scale bugs, and dont typically use chemical pesticides. i have been interested in trying different biocontrol organisms to deal with the pests, but am worried they might attack the roach colonies as well! I have been considering fungi like beauveria or metarhizium, or predatory mites such as amblyseius. does anyone have any experience of info using these, could i use them in my garden without risk to the roaches, or will these wipe out my roach colonies?? any info is appreciated, thanks!
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