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  1. hey thanks for the response! i have spider mites too, but usually can handle them, rub them off or spray them with water or neem. I have been using neem, and it helps with the spider mites, and definitely knocks the whiteflies numbers down, but i cant seem to fully extirpate these things-im spraying twice a week, shouldnt need that much, 2-3 successive applications should get the job done. so the neem is not really working. i guess that brings up another question though- if i feed the roaches leaves and other scraps from my garden, after i have sprayed the leaves with ne
  2. Hi all! i breed several types of Blaberidae roaches as feeders (dubia, discoids, orange heads, and pantanal). I also have an indoor garden. I have have had an increase in insect pests in my garden, particularly whiteflies and scale bugs, and dont typically use chemical pesticides. i have been interested in trying different biocontrol organisms to deal with the pests, but am worried they might attack the roach colonies as well! I have been considering fungi like beauveria or metarhizium, or predatory mites such as amblyseius. does anyone have any experience of info using these, c
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