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  1. On 8/12/2017 at 1:24 AM, Centipede Uncivil said:

    Another GA member!

    Yes, awesome, I'll reiterate what Centipede Uncivil said 'cause all us Georgians have got to stick together!

    Welcome! I, too, found crickets unsatisfactory for many reasons and thus started the roach "madness" I'm in, ha ha. Good luck with your new colony, though I'm sure they'll grow quite fast!

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  2. Great news! It's always exciting when your colony starts growing! Sometimes, you wonder if they'll ever reproduce, but then you discover done babies one day. Dubias are great because they're easy to keep and can fulfill a lot of tasks, like feeders and pets. They're tough as nails and don't ask for much (no special needs). Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello there! Hope things work out for you and your bugs. It's funny how roaches and isopods are similar interests (usually). I think most people like isopods (not as much creepiness as other bugs). It's neat that you've got some interesting isopods near you.

    Bug hunt!

    I think that the more people get interested in their environment, the more they see things to be interested in.


  4. "Natural" or "Pet safe" or "Pesticide free" insect killers only have essential oils in them (rosemary, thyme, peppermint, etc) which do a good job of repelling insects without the "Raid" insect poisons with pyrethrins in them.

    I've got one called Dr. Earth Pure & Natural, but there are many to choose from with similar pesticide-free ingredients.

    Just make sure your other "pet" insects aren't in the same room, or they may get upset or worse :wacko:

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  5. Don't know about Texas, but here in GA near Tennessee I see them occasionally at night in the summer. They're not *supposed* to come up this far, but looks like a few individuals have made it and their colony comes back alive each year. :blink:

    I haven't seen more than one at a time, so my chances of starting my own colony aren't real high right now

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  6. 0 replies? Oh man, no hisser love! ;)

    Well, that's exciting to see the "journey" from beginning to adulthood! Hissers are pretty big, so each step is quite noticeable, too. Sounds like the "big man" will be nice and happy to have the whole place to himself! B) Congrats!

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  7. Well, there's likely many "pest" species (german, American, Oriental).

    A quick web search brings up:

    Periplaneta fuliginosa (smoky brown)

    Parcoblatta americana (Western wood roach)

    There's probably more, but so far the most "native" roach looks like Parcoblatta americana (not to be confused with Periplaneta americana).

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  8. Welcome back! Wow, you still have quite a collection; it must've been quite large! Since you have such a well-rounded collection, do you plan on specializing in something or adding something difficult or very rare? If so, what would that be? I hope your interest continues to be strong and you enjoy continual positive experiences!

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