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  1. Wow, these aren't even on his website - I wonder if they will be soon. These guys look pretty neat when they're adults...almost like a Lucihormetica, but not quite. Eurycotis are some of my favorites
  2. Ah, the "fuzzy" roach - I've had my eye on these. I'm looking forward to future pics of growth & development!
  3. Yeah, I was just havin' a little fun - I wonder if the kits offer the right chemical for the roaches to glow. Hmmm. I guess we'll never know because it seems that most people with Lucihormetica are like me: They just enjoy these beauties without needing the glow!
  4. Lol, yeah, Hisserdude, raise the 'shrooms to get the spots glowing - that should be really easy to do... Let's see...foxfire mushrooms gathered before a storm or during wet weather (Wikipedia)? Check. Four old decaying hardwood tree stumps and/or logs? Check. High humidity enclosures? Check. Get rid of roach collection because 'shrooms are taking up all extra time? Check. Sign up for counseling because shrooms didn't ever glow? Check. Awesome suggestion, Craniifer, though I don't think most of us are mycologists. It would be wicked cool, however, if someone actually lived in an area where these things grow and could say "Yea" or "Nay" for their effect on luminance in captivity, but.... Maybe we should find volunteers??
  5. Totally awesome! Good luck with them; they definitely look worth the effort
  6. Wow, the "headlights" have gone into full craniifer mode! Yeah, that's pretty light...it's almost like a darker version of the ivory roach
  7. Thanks for the input, it's exactly the sort of thing I was wondering! That's great that feeding frequency doesn't affect much, as long as there's no mold and things to "nibble." All of my colonies also have hardwood leaves as "supplemental" feeding. (Roach: Hey, some days you just feel like chewin' some leaves, y'know whaddam sayin? )
  8. According to roachcrossing, Parcoblatta fulvescens is a good (prolific) feeder, though they can climb and males can fly. Also, they're much smaller than S. lateralis (18mm vs 30mm), so that may be good or bad depending on your needs. The climbing may prove to be a headache in feeding your tarantulas, unless they are arboreal.
  9. Thanks for the response, it's good to see that most of us naturally tend to do the same thing. I guess the simplicity is one reason why we love keeping these insects!
  10. I enjoyed it when you were able to speak your mind on things, like looking at the new bug in your house and thinking $3. That really helps to illustrate your personality, which is what interviews are for. I thought your interviewer also seemed interested in what you were telling him - like he could appreciate your views - and that further added to the interview.
  11. That's pretty much what I do, too, because of the mold. I also have to make sure the dry food doesn't sit too long in some very humid enclosures, otherwise there is a chance of that going off, as well. Do most of you leave the dry food in perpetually, or do you feed for a few days and skip a day (or similar)? I heard how some people feed once a week, but that must be fruits and not dry food, right? (I'd love to hear if doing things like that had any appreciable difference.)
  12. Hey, has anyone found that feeding at a certain interval (every day, weekly, etc.) has the most beneficial effect on one's colony? I know there's a lot of variation here, but does something generally work best for you? Thoughts or experiences?
  13. Yes, it seems they are best kept in a Sterlite gasket container with tiny holes and wide Vaseline barrier. Centipede Uncivil created a thread entitled "Oxyhaloa duesta" and many people have offered great advice with these guys...I would check there for additional info Link: Oxyhaloa duesta
  14. I've been thinking about some chopardis or javanicas recently - are they pretty much your favorite hisser then? You pretty much have most of the species in interested in right now, lol! You don't like dubias as pets or feeders or both? They aren't ideal for my Tarantulas because of the playing dead and burrowing. I gave that up long ago.
  15. Wow, if most of these are new acquisitions, it's like Christmas for you! Congratulations! I think the centurion is my favorite Gyna (well, tied with the capucina). You have a very nice collection. So... which ones are your favorite overall? (I know it's like picking favorite children!)
  16. Welcome, Matt! That's too bad about having to give up your collection, but it's nice that you can start over. Are you going to keep your roach collections smaller or specialize in certain kinds (you mentioned Therea already)? Hope you enjoy the forum, there's some great minds here!
  17. Both are very pretty! I especially like how the E. posticus nymphs are that deep red color. It really sets them apart. (Now I've got to get some) Have you had both of these species before? I think Eublaberus is very versatile...Pets/feeders/composters/etcall in the same place!
  18. Man, those hissers look really happy and healthy!
  19. Well they basically live throughout Argentina, so doing an internet search can bring up lots of images. The habitat is like a wetter version of Mexico and SoCal. I imagine they would be comfortable in Central America except for the high humidity. I mean, there has to be a reason why they haven't spread northward, right?
  20. Looks awesome. They should do great in there. Yeah, isopods are pretty cool little guys!
  21. It's amazing to me how most species basically look like this as nymphs, but then mature into such unique colors and forms...especially the Centurions! Looking at the pic above, who would've ever thought they could change so drastically. Now you've got something else to look forward to! Congrats!
  22. Cool, that's pretty exciting! All the chicks are getting dolled up for the new man lol
  23. Building my colonies up at the moment (after some changes and additions), but I'll let you know when things are ready for a trade. Thanks!
  24. Hey, cool, I've always liked harvestmen and am planning on getting into millipedes soon, too. I'm sure you see the local millipedes in your yard like I do, here in the South. The only Periplaneta I have experience with (outside of a pest control setting) is my P. fuliginosa colony (smoky brown). I don't know what it is, but Periplaneta spp. really fascinate me.
  25. Welcome, Jay! Do you have a favorite invert or favorite species of roach?
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