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  1. Very cool and thank you for the identification! I'll keep an eye out for another example of this critter...I fear that the previous "dinner guest" has withered away! However, our girl is just as robust and certainly enjoying the warm weather!!
  2. Pretty excited here today! The male cockroach arrived and he is absolutely amazing! The ladies of the collective seem to really like him and activity has been high since his arrival. Along with Mr. Man, we've also added a nice tank heater and some cool logs for perching and hiding! While not currently too keen on being held, he does share a very nice display of hissing when fingers are near! All in all, an awesome addition to the group!
  3. In reading the literature, it would appear that these bugs are quite find of tomatoes, and various fruit. So you might be spot on concerning their taste for apples! You might also try berries (such as strawberries or blueberries). Great ID by Cariblatta!!
  4. Hiya kids! Doing a bit more exploring of the forum and thought I would share a pic of one of the other invertebrates in my house. For those of you who know my work at the Butterfly Pavilion here in Westminster, Colorado, you'll know that I greatly enjoy capturing images of our Colorado bugs...including some of the cool spiders that call our state home! Here is one great example, a female house spider (Parasteatoda tepidariorum) currently residing in my garage window. She just finished enjoying a local assassin bug that was unfortunate enough to be invited over for dinner (you can just make out the knee).
  5. I love the idea of the marbles! I was wondering how to keep the water from evaporating while still keeping a level that was safe (no drowning). Colorado here as well, so the dry air and all!! Thanks for sharing the images...I'll have to hit Toys-R-Us today and collect my marbles!
  6. Thanks all for the welcomes! The "intrusion" are getting used to their new home and I'm starting to see some of them band together on their climbing branch, which is awesome! BTW...did you know that a group of cockroaches is known as an "intrusion?" I just learned that!!
  7. Hello from Colorado! Having just acquired a nice little group of five hissers, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself! This will be my first journey into raising these little gals and I am quite excited to learn some new skills. I have done a general tank set up and introduced the group (five females) and am quite pleased to have found this forum with all of the helpful knowledge and advice. I am hoping to have some nice photos in the future, and you can follow the adventures of this clan on my Instagram account @faelgaulds. Not only will we document the hisser adventure, but I also work with our local Butterfly Pavilion here in Westminster, Colorado so I'll also be posting some other really awesome (hopefully) invertebrate images as well.
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