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  1. I've eliminated substrate in all my hisser's boxes (Gromphadorhina portentosa, G.grandidieri, G.oblongonata, Elliptorhina chopardi, Princisia sp.)... only eggcrates and three little dishes (petri) for dry food (pond sticks), fresh food (veggies and fruits) and water crystals...

    Only half of the box is heated.

    They're breeding a lot, growing fast and happy....

  2. Hi EffeCi

    That's great, thank you. :) BTW Is the male always paler? Also, once the oetheca drops, am I supposed to get rid of it when cleaning? I never know when the nymphs are born, or still inside! :P

    Now for the rest of the species..! :lol:

    Yes, the male is always fully winged and light brown.

    Eggcases are dropped after some days and take from 30 to 45 days or more to hatch (it depends from temperature). You have to rescue them if you clean the tank.

    Hatched eggcases are open and very light... they fly off if you breath.

    Very difficult to see if a specimen of Phoetalia pallida is male or female from a picture... and it's so reproductive that using females instead of males to feed is not a problem.

    Like Madagascar Hissers, Elliptorhina chopardi's males are more "horned" than females.



  3. I'm keeping them in a medium plastic box, in a moss substrate mixed with bleech and oaks old leaves.

    Half of the moss is wet, the rest is dry and warmed.

    My glowspots prefers to stay buried in the dry substrate during the day, but they mess up the wet every night.

    I also feed them with pond sticks and apple.

    They seem to be well... two weeks ago I had my first nymphs... 20 or so...

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