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  1. I went to check mantidforum but I saw that it was stuck at homepage and nothing would work at all, even logging in!
  2. I like Blaptica Dubia they do not hiss and my male is quite large!
  3. I only have one hisser, don't die hisser, don't do it.
  4. Not that i know of ,I have one it's been continuing for a year now!
  5. I've had an Orchid, hence my name but I never got mine past sub-adult due to heating issues, no miss molts though, today getting Giant Asian!
  6. Here is a photo! It is living with a Hisser and Blue Death Feigning Beetle, is this okay? ( I am getting a giant asian mantid but I am not putting that in the roach cage!)
  7. Finally, she has become an adult, male, 52mm long! I'll post pics soon!
  8. Yes I only have one of each species, thank you for the recommendation!
  9. Yeah it does stay pretty cool, I also keep it pretty dark. Thank you for the reply!
  10. Hissers can get fungi infection, Oh no i only have one
  11. I want a Periplaneta, do you know where to buy?
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