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  1. Why on earth? They aren't even in the same genus, much less the same species! Has anyone else seen that ?
  2. Ok thanks still no eating. It's likely an adult right?
  3. I've switched him over to eco-earth as a substrate. Hopefully he will eat for me again sometime soon. I'm worried! It's been like two weeks now.
  4. I found an emperor scorpion in appalling conditions and rescued it. It has a heater on one side of its glass enclosure, substrate, multiple hiding places, and a bowl of non-tap water at all times. I don't know if it is male or female, or if it is mature. I've had it for about a week and a half. I fed it a Simandoa nymph and it ate the whole thing. [I have a very prolific female, so I kind of had to do that unfortunately.] A few days later, I gave him or her an adult Dubia female and s/he ate the whole thing. It took hours, but nothing was left. That was one week ago. I am worried beca
  5. Oh thank goodness there's precedent. I thought I was going bonkers!
  6. I've never had this problem before! I need to sex my Simandoa nymphs to separate them to prevent further matings, but every single nymph I check seems male based on the ventral segments. I'm not sure of the exact instar they are but most of them have to be four or five if not even six! They can't all be male can they? I know some species like Therea petiveriana tend to have higher ratio of males. Any ideas?
  7. Awesome! I'm not creative enough to do this like you guys but I love it !
  8. It's funny I tried buying white springtails from Bugsincyberspace but they always died off lol
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