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  1. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to euthanize her. She wasn’t any better and I didn’t want to see her that way anymore.
  2. So long story short...I was cleaning out my colony’s cage and one of my larger female hisser nymphs was laying on her back twitching her leg. I don’t know what happened. Either illness or something in the tank crushed her maybe? No damage to her exoskeleton though... I feel so bad, and I don’t want to give up on her. I don’t know if i should wait it out. I’ve been keeping her warm and holding her for awhile, because although she can’t move, she still twitches her leg(s), one antennae, and her palps. I put a water swab near her mouth to keep her hydrated. What should I do? Any advice? Thanks.
  3. Thanks! This is exactly what I was expecting. It all makes sense. I sincerely hope that one day, the more restrictive states will loosen the grip on having these lovable creatures! Have a great night!
  4. Hi. Hopefully someone can help. I am planning on moving to Florida next month. I have two separate colonies of Madagascar hissing cockroaches both males and females. I found out that only males are permitted into the state. These are my pets and I would be sad to not take the females with me. They are my original hissers. These are my pets and I certainly don’t want to have to rehome my beloved females. So, does anyone have advice? Or suggestions? Are these people going to come to my house to make sure there are no females. Lol.
  5. Sorry for grainy photo quality! It was very hard to take this pic. I posted a few weeks ago about my hisser doing this. Does anyone else's hissers lie sideways?https://imgur.com/gallery/UNptF She's cute and quirky!
  6. Good insight! Definitely makes sense. I was under the impression they do alright by themselves, and to start out simple (my first time owning a roach). Maybe she needs a female companion
  7. Yes, I never imagined a roach sleeping like that. She has been sleeping this weird way since I got her. It's as if she is sprawled out and just comfortable like that lol. The only time I see her "right-side up" is when the room is dark and she's using her feelers, as if she's ready to explore. I check on her every day and she looks and feels healthy. So strange! I'll try and get a good picture of her doing this and post it.
  8. I've had my female hisser for about four months. I have her in a 10 gallon tank, with coconut fiber substrate, and a small heater (which is attached to the side (on the outside of the tank). The room she's in is central air conditioned and is usually around 74 degrees. With the heater, the tank temp is usually 77. She loves her habitat log and stays there a majority of the time. I've given her a wide assortment of veggies, fruits, and oats, but she doesn't seem to be eating anything. I know she ate a small piece of banana, one time many months ago. I never see her eat though. She loves her water gels (the cricket feeder types). Also problematic- at night, I see her moving her feelers, but have never seen her walking around the tank. She never leaves her log and even sleeps on her side (with her legs up) lol. Is this typical behavior? Is she too cold or lethargic? Should I change something?
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