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  1. Was browsing Craig'sList for glass tanks when I came upon an ad from my neighbour, and found out he was offering hissers for sale. Forgot all about the tanks and jumped on that immediately. They were sort-of acquired as feeders for some toads I don't yet have, but might get someday. Dang, they are huge. Looks like Jurassic Park in that tub. If I were going to feed off any of the adults, I'd need an ostrich. No babies yet. I guess they count as pets until I end up with too many.
  2. The outdoor 300gal stock tank that houses the goldfish needed a complete water change - too much algae. Found three big vinagaroons underneath. Had to net them out of the all the water flooding the ground. Good thing I tipped up the tank, or they would have been trapped and likely drowned under there. Hope they are ok. I think the nearby Connex box would be a more suitable home for them, but that's their decision. First time I've ever found three at once. Those things seem barely capable of survival as it is - I hate it when I find I've disturbed them.
  3. So, since I could hear the neighbour mowing, I headed over there to tell him the hissers he sold me were doing well, and to ask if he had any other species. He is a science teacher, and usually has something new, of some sort. No roaches, unfortunately. He did ask, "Do you still want that rabbit?" He acquired a Flemish Giant a few years ago, and I take care of his barn animals when he is away. I loved that rabbit the first time I saw her. He also has a Flemish male, but never got them to breed. They are both mine now. Happy day. You just never know where a roach will lead you.
  4. Hot rocks get way too hot, they burn snakes. I also consider them to be a fire hazard. Heat pads can be regulated with a dimmer, or a thermostat. Amazon sells Hydrofarm for about $40 each. They have worked fine for me. Even a small wattage light will put out heat for a small mostly enclosed environment. I can feel the heat even off my 9w Jungle Dawn LED's. We keep a VERY cold house in the winter. I was planning to try the top of the fridge for some bins. The meal worms made through last winter fine simply 6 feet up on a shelf. I've also thought, maybe set the roach bin on top of the contents of a larger worm composting bin? Compost gives off a nice gentle heat. I have about ten worm (E. foetida) buckets going right now, and a Black Soldier Fly bin that must get well over 100F daily, and entirely consumes the day's food scraps in 24 hours. Compost bins would not exactly living room friendly, but the heat is free. This was my first year with a successful BSF colony. We have mild winters here, but not sure how long I'll be able to extend the season.
  5. I was at one of the dollar stores yesterday - I think it was Family Dollar, but I get them confused. Anyway, that particular dollar store had sets of two small mesh strainers (like something you would set over a coffee mug), in a very fine metal mesh for $2. The label didn't say if the metal was aluminium, or stainless steel - given that this is a "dollar store," one can't say for sure it won't rust, but next time I'm there, I'm going to pick up a couple sets. I am assuming that once cut out from the ring, the mesh can be flattened out.
  6. Wow. From what I understand, monitors are supposed to be the most intelligent of the reptiles, and are responsive to their keepers. Would love to work with an ackie some time in the future. The electricity use required to keep them warm, vit D'd, and content is my main concern. Finished the miliped book. Very good. Would like to get all the titles by this author. Right now, next book on the way is The Complete Suboc (something close?) by Dusty Roades (Rhodes??). I purchased a Trans Pecos rat snake last week (arrived yesterday), and DID research, but apparently there is more to good care for these "rat" snakes (not true ratties, in the Bogertophis genus, not Elphae (spell?)), than the basic on-line care sheets inform. The all-rodent diet may not be the best for them. Anyway, from I've been able to gather, this guy is supposed to be THE expert on this particular snake, so that book took precedence in this month's budget. Husbandry first. If I *have* to get into anoles, or similar, just to feed the snake, well so be it.
  7. Arrived today! Orin McMonigle, Millipeds in Captivity. Will crack it open tonight. Spent most of the day working on heating and making faux rocky ledges for a new snake viv. Snake is a male Bogertophis subocularis (I think that is spelled correctly) Trans Pecos rat snake. Have wanted one forever. They are not particularly expensive but they can be hard to find in the wild type, not morph. Scheduled to ship whenever Memphis area flooding recedes enough for safe passage. Anyway, my book review so far: Beautiful photos!
  8. Don't know if anyone is still following this older thread, but I use ABG type mixture in two planted vivs for my snakes, and love it. NewEnglandHerpetoculture is my source. Pricey, but totally worth it. Stays light and fluffy, plants go well in it. Never had any mold.
  9. Our Dollar General sells a selection of gasket sealed Food Saver type containers in the kitchen area, in numerous sizes. You might find something suitable there.
  10. Greetings. Currently raising meal worms, black soldierfly grubs, and compost worms as feeders. Raised silkworms for three years for spinning. Love silkworms. Recently bought half a dozen hissers from a neighbour. They are pets, but the babies may feed the fish (?) and any future lizards/amphibians...who knows. The "zoo" does tend to expand in unexpected directions. Of course, while researching MH care, I found out about many other beautiful roaches. Who knew? Now, I want some ivories, and those giant Peruvian cave roaches. I ended up here the other night following a link on Arachnoboards that directed another roach enthusiast to this site. Tarantulas are interesting to read about, but I just haven't been able to muster much enthusiasm for keeping them - maybe just a little too intense for me. I DO like the millipedes. Ended up ordering Orin (Mc something's ?) book on the topic. Was checking reviews on Amazon, and now I want ALL his books on bugs. Was hoping bugs might be a less expensive hobby/obsession than the snakes I currently own/want, but that may not be the case. Ventured outside last night thinking, I'll just save some money and find my OWN millipede! Managed to unearth some big grubs, and disturbed a befuddled large vinegaroon. (I hate to bother those guys, they are all over the place here, and I worry about injuring them.) No milli's turned up; I'll just have to order an O. ornatus, along with some pretty roaches.
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