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  1. My giganteus are finally reproducing here and I am curious to know if dwarf white isopods can cause harm to the nymphs. The enclosure is somewhat becoming overrun with those dwarf whites... anyone think this could be an issue? They have a good amount of deep substrate and there’s enough food around in both wood chips in the substrate and what I feed them, but I’m worried the isopods might snack on soft growing nymphs if they ever felt like it. At this point I’m hoping the nymphs will snack on the isopods but I’m pretty sure they are scavengers, not predatory hunters.
  2. Hi I noticed that from some online picture I am seeing some color variations in nymphs. For example in this Blaberus nymph there are sections that are really bright maroon where in others it’s much more dull. Does this have to do with how fresh from the last molt/how close to the next molt they are? Or is this a color variation in some nymphs?
  3. Thanks Hisser, it looks like I will use the microwave first and freeze it after to make really sure
  4. Hisserdude you were right, they were mushrooms. Picture of what I plucked out I just plucked this from my isopods enclosure. I am not sure if this is the same species as the one in my roach enclosure. It seems like the last time I serviced my isopods, which is admittedly a while ago, this was not there. The funny thing is I keep reading about how isopods love mushrooms so maybe one would choose to leave something like this in. I didn’t want to take any chances so I got it out of there, but found a few of the dwarf isopods on and around the mushroom. I continue to get them out o
  5. hi, first time poster here and new to roaches so please bare with me. i found this substance build up in one corner of the bin.. i'm really not sure what it is. sorry for the bad photo, but when closely looked at they almost look like... small tiny eggs? i know there are springtails that came with the organic soil.. maybe it's mold. I'm really not sure. thanks for your input.
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