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  1. Do you have vertical bark for them to climb up on? Like a wall of cork. They need height. Not sure how tall the bins are.
  2. I feel for the guy and all, but every time I see someone who got an order filled it just pisses me off. All those ignored emails. Sorry I never got to be a happy customer.
  3. How much humidity do you have and what is their normal water source? Were they running around drinking the droplets off where you sprayed?
  4. If you use any garden shop substrates (or any really) its best to bake them at 250F before using.
  5. Cypress mulch is safe. Cypress does not have thujune in it like cedar does. It also does not have the resin issues that other conifers like pine do. That said, if it was sold as garden mulch it probably has a lot of hitchhikers. Its also not as good as coco coir for a few reasons. Primarily those species whose nymphs dig in and the way it retains and releases moisture vs. coir. I do use it in mixed substrates where I also have leaf litter and aspen shavings mixed into coir.
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