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  1. my two larvae just came in from bugsincyberspace! i also ordered a gromphadorhina oblongonota nymph that is stunning as well, but im definitely excited to get into the beetle side of things. i have to try and get some nicer pictures of them sometime soon. thank you to everyone who has shared their information and care, you all continue to give me confidence to care for the creaturea i love! and of course thanks peter for all the amazing work you do/services you provide!
  2. just found out about these beauties, picking some up soon! thanks to everyone who answered twilightroach's questions!
  3. its more of an issue with mobility but sometimes skin on exoskeleton contact can be overwhelming. this is actually a great suggestion, im just an idiot who didnt think about this lmaooo. its always a treat hearing your advice
  4. @Hisserdude the adult female psuedoglomeris magnifica always takes my breath away! definitely going to pick up that one, perfect room decor! you definitely found a gem! and happy early birthday if i dont make it online! 🎉🎂
  5. obviously, this is a joke...hopefully im not the only dork who thinks its funny lol. reminded me of catdog, instead its....roachroach?
  6. wowza 😍😍😍 thanks @Hisserdude, helpful as always
  7. cool response @BlattaAnglicana, ill try to remember to come back and give you a 💙! i eventually want to branch out into other inverts, but my dreams of mantids intimidates me right now! id want a tarantula or two but i dont think im ready for them either lol. closest things ive done to roach keeping are collecting local wooly bear caterpillars as a kid and raising them then releasing, same for ordered caterpillars into monarchs, and my mother is a second grade teacher who had mealworms as something to follow throughout the school year awhile back. my dear darkling beetles...ah the good ol
  8. ill have to look into it! maybe then ill have some excuse to grow my collection if i can say its for a reason lol even if itd just be a couple people, it would be fun!
  9. the internets funny like that, i feel like an archeologist sometimes when i discover something thats been buried in time. nine years sometimes feels like its a billion in internet time
  10. say whaaaaaaaaaaa :^0 i need to figure out how to find one of those around me...might have to start one. "Got Roaches" is cute! a friend of mine got the phrase "want to see my cockroaches? no? fair enough....what about my cock?" printed on a few stickers for me as a gift once lmao ill have to see if i can find the rest of them somewhere for a picture
  11. i love the folks at joshsfrogs, ive bought a lot of different supplies and plants from there (even some roaches) and they are pretty nice. i suck at substrate, ik its not complicated to make a nice mix yourself, but its just hard for me me to tell whats good or not. especially whats too moist and too dry for my roaches? if its not completely soaked or completely dry i couldnt tell you lol (im an idiot, sue me.) i saw this substrate when i was about to order some leaf litter and it sounds pretty good in my uneducated opinion. it says its good for bioactive, which i dont have, but if its be a go
  12. (anyone who had difficulty handling at first, medical conditions or not, please feel free to reply with what worked for you!) i am not really one for holding my pet roaches, i prefer just to watch them going about in their own little world, but i really miss the occasional novelty picture. i handled my first few hissers a few times but the pain in my hands made it difficult for awhile and i kind of just gave up. it makes me wish i wouldve tried more to fight through the pain lol. my dubias didnt hurt as much but it still was a really uncomfortable sensation. i also got kind of nervous th
  13. @Betta132 any updates? i see you havent been on in awhile but heres a shot in the dark! this was such an amazing read! if they take off/have taken off with the bow-chicka-wow-wow and are rare in the hobby im sure you could definitely make more than a few pretty pennies!
  14. i totally agree! a lot of people freak out when they ask if i have any pets and among the zoo in this house i say cockroaches, but after i talk more about "no they arent the yucky ones, no they dont run around loose in my home" they usually seem either mildly interested or at least less grossed out. i know ive hooked 'em when they start asking lots of questions. like in many areas, having education about the topic can make a lot of difference. when its presented in a way thats not like "YOU ARE WRONG!!!1! WHY DO YOU FEEL [in this case, disgusted] ABOUT THIS?!!1?!!!?1!!?1?!?!??" people are
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