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  1. The family has no say on whether I can keep them or not, I don't live at home and I'm and adult lol. I'm just trying to make people realize that these guys are totally harmless and not gross, usually if an animal is pretty.. people are less creeped out by them.
  2. Hi everyone. I picked up a couple of pairs of hissers just recently, these little guys are pretty much just ex-to-be-feeder bugs. Left in a tiny plastic bowl with a piece of dried out 'food' that these poor guys were trying to eat. When I got them home, I gave them bananas immediately, and some dog food (which, I'm realizing that was probably too much). I have a five and a half gallon tank with coir, some rocks, a hide house from a ex-houseplant pot and some moss. I mist them daily, as the top is metal mesh and I have a fan blowing air about the room. All of them are missing pie
  3. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful roach. I'd be able to challenge my family with those guys for sure, they're not quite so taken with Hissers just yet (even though they're really pretty too).. but these guys are just too pretty to say no to. Next roach is definitely going to be these guys.
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