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  1. I have two tanks of hissing cockroaches, separated by gender, next to each other. The male tank has one hisser that, for the last couple of nights, has been hissing and trying to mate with the other males.Including that one, there are five males in the tank. I have checked multiple times and am sure they are all male. Is this something bad and if so, what should I do to stop it?
  2. Nevermind! She dropped it an I was able to grab it, problem solved
  3. One of my hissers has an ootheca out right now, but my mom's not exactly a fan of having any baby hissers in the house anytime soon. Is there any way of getting rid of it or is it something we have to go through with?
  4. Update: One is eating the freshly molted skin, and it and another seem to be aggressively "grooming" the molted roaches and themselves Update 2: Everyone's chillin now, one is still chewing on the molted skin but otherwise the other molted roaches have scurried off
  5. So, one of my roaches is molting and is 3/4ths out, and another roach is on top of it drooling a semi-clear substance. What is this behaviour and should I stop it? http://psycada.tumblr.com/post/175255614898/can-someone-on-bugblr-explain-whats-happening here is a video
  6. Might sound silly, but I've had an older nymph that I SWEAR was female a while ago, and just now I've noticed on very close inspection that it's got male parts. I know a lot of animals, including insects to mammals, have been able to show traits of the opposite gender. Is this possible with roaches, or did I just make a mistake in sexing my nymph?
  7. So I’ve had a female roach that’s nearly a year old, and recently she’s been on the wall of the tank, wiggling her abdomen around, and sitting in a sorta hunched pose. Is there a meaning to this? A little bit of her carapace right above her head is a bit bent, is she about to molt? I searched this behavior and found males do this to spread pheromones and establish dominance, but I’ve looked and am very sure she is female.
  8. I currently have some hssing roach nymphs from the same egg sac and I was wondering, if they happened they happened to breed (not purposefully) and have nymphs would that harm the nymph genetics? I'm separating them anyway as I don't want more nymphs OR incest, but I'm curious on if incest will harm roaches the same way it does for other animals.
  9. There's a few rocks and a vine in the tank, but you're probably right as they're hiding under the same rock as the adult. They're also a few months old and the mother was given away a a few weeks after birth. I've been wanting to get some more things for them to hide under for a while, since they're getting bigger I should probably find something to accommodate them. Thank you!
  10. I checked on my roaches today to find 4-5 nymphs around my only adult female. These nymphs are from another roach that was given away, leaving this female the only adult. This is my first time raising nymphs and I just want to know: do nymphs usually flock to the nearest adult? Is it for protection? There's other nymphs in the cage, about 6, why haven't they flocked to the adult?
  11. I'm currently raising some hissers in Tennessee, one adult and a few nymphs. Hoping I can get some more species like giant cave cockroaches or dominos!
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