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  1. Byrsotria rothi male and female: Archimandrita tesselata: Nauphoeta cinerea: Gromphadorhina portentosa "Black"
  2. Me too! The best I figure he was long enough to stand on a piece of wood and push the top open. They're now back in their sterilite bin, before they were in a tank.
  3. Oh my God! I went to get my camera out of my closet and there he was! Skinny, slow, and hungry but he perked right up once I gave him some Apple.
  4. Haha no cat anymore, I moved and they are my dads. But I did let my rats take a look around. No luck.
  5. I looked everywhere. I'm going to set out a bunch of smelly fruit tonight and put a red light on, see if I catch him.
  6. He's definitely not in there. It was a small display tank.
  7. So this morning I noticed one of my A. tesselatas were missing from their tank. He must have been big enough to grab on to the top and escape. I looked everywhere and I can't find him. I've had an extremely hard time with this species so to lose one is upsetting. I hope he'll pop up eventually, but in this climate I don't expect he would make it very long outside of the tank.
  8. It was definitely all over the frass, and I had to take out most of the substrate anyway because the mold went all the way down to the bottom (blue and white fuzz thick enough to hold the substrate together). I will definitely knock down the humidity a little bit because things mold here REALLY fast in general. Thanks for all the help guys!
  9. Oh no! It seems I have a mold outbreak after only 2 weeks! Unfortunately I can't handle this until the morning, but how do I prevent this from happening again? Just keep the tank less humid? I'm considering just ditching the substrate, but I like it, its all naturalistic and stuff!
  10. Yeah, this is a hobby tank so I like it to look pretty, haha, but I'll do whatever it takes for my roaches to be happy/healthy/not stinky. Plus, I love remodeling things! Since yesterday 3 more roaches have molted, very cool.
  11. Is there an easy way to remove the frass? It seems like I would have to pull everything out of the tank and that would just be a pain.
  12. I wish I could catch it, at least one other roach molted while I was sleeping! I have a water dish in there because the humidity isn't really that stable, it never falls below 50% though and I mist twice a day, is the water dish necessary? I've only seen one of them using it.
  13. Yep, there is a lid. One of my roaches molted today but I don't think it survived, I'm going to give it a bit before I check on it but it isn't moving at all and it looks like its legs aren't holding it up, its just laying there. I hope its just being stealthy because its soft. Edit: Its alive!
  14. That's totally interesting. I have one more question if you don't mind, but how often should I re-vaseline the top of the tank to prevent escapees?
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