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  1. Awesome thank you so much! I still haven't been able to find anything online till your comment -.- I took a break from research and checked my yard though, these guys are in every single area with a mesquite tree in their fallen leaves and they're everywhere. Swipe a handful of leaves aside under any of the 20+ trees and you'll find at least 5 specimens, I feel quite content with that- left all others alone to live besides one culture I wish to grow
  2. So I stumbled upon basically a starter colony of sand roaches in my backyard (central/closer to Southern Arizona) this is my second time finding the nymphs and first time I've found adults, originally I had found some and had no idea what I was looking at and was worried some of my own got out so I culled them. Found out later it was a naturally occurring species. Now, it appears I have many on the property being in farmland and all, only kept one group that I found to raise and study. My current issue; however, im finding nothing in the way of caring for them. Does anyone here have any experience with the species? I've set a bin to be exactly the same environment as I found them, soft look sand and a single egg flat laid down for them to crowd under as I found them under sheet wood, in a shaded area with the exact soft sand I found them in but aside from that I'm walkin blind here. Also I'm fairly certain I'm correct on them being a sand/desert roach- but again very little information aside from freakin orkin sooo....
  3. I've sent an email to him this morning and am awaiting response, I've added substrate to all my bins except for 2 or 3 maybe as of yet- I plan on adding more mossy type substrate to help hold humidity better along with the tropical dark soil blend I make for my reptiles, and have finally managed to get most of my Buffalo beetles and larvae into a controlled environment for potential future use- any leftovers are in sealed containers of substrate awaiting a baking period after checking for roach nymphs and easily gathered cleaner crews. Once roach crossing responds to my order inquiry I'll bug him a bit about how he raises his bugs compared to how I do mine, im hoping that this go around I get a response at least but to be fair I Confuse that site with cape cod roaches so similar so i do forget who I contacted at a specific time and how many times I contact if I get no response as what has been the norm from both companies for like...2 years in a row until now.
  4. I honestly can't remember, it was either someone named Kelly Vanette or this other younger guy who's name i can't really remember that I got the hybrids from, it was at least 2 years ago and both have since stepped out of selling (I had purchased most their stuff while they were expressing desire to cut way back or get out entirely) Then for the ebay on this batch, I have bo clue honestly. Took so damn long to find them the moment I had the money to spend and saw them available it was straight to cart and purchased. At the time all of my colonies had died off in a heat wave and I still had many mouths to feed so I was kind of scrambling around and frantic buying. Do the true fusca ha e to have substrate and such? I got away with the hybrids being housed just as dubia- frass and egg flats. I am intending to have an inve of substrate for all my species then more of course for my borrowers so if that's the problem I'm already planning on fixing that- but I'm not entirely sure if that's the problem. I did get them as xs nymphs, and there's been some issues with molting that I had thought I fixed. Well, did fix- they stopped dieing mid molt once I tweaked my temperatures and raised the overall humidity of my bug room. I did have one batch of babies at some point but my cleaner crew was rampant and the nymphs just disappeared so I all but decimated the Buffalo beetle population from my colonies. I'm gonna have to hunt down some hybrids when I get more bins, they really are fantastic feeders plus I very much liked how they look. Definitely need wide horns and Halloweens back as well, maybe get into shadow and extinct roaches. Tis the joyous tax season too, lucky me, when I typically make purchases because 5hen I can drop a fair amount and get all kinds of goodies. That website roach crossing- are they easy to order from? I've tried an order from cape cod roaching before who seems set up similar in the order process but just never got an email back, was a bit depressing and I ended up having to spend more money elsewhere and getting fewer numbers and species. Now though, im not in a frantic spot where I'm worrying how and when I'll be able to feed my animals with my colonies just cooked. All but my fusca are set and producing, so I can take my time and be selective and responsible as a buyer 👍
  5. Oh I feel dumb, thought you were just emphasizing 'this' for whatever reason. And I'll be damned, what I have now looks just like those, so I had hybrids of some sort originally. Rather upset I can't remember where I got them, I miss those guys. Extremely reliable food source and bred crazy with real pretty whites instead of cream color wings plus that solid black body. The wings looked almost freshly molted at all times but they did have some black markings. Man I hear that with the hissers, my colony has always been a motley crue of various colors. at least I did figure out eventually to say upfront my stock are feeders and absolutely not pure anything, plus being diligent now on labeling and keeping species apart since I'm getting into more non feeder types. Though I use them as feeders, potential customers may not. Thank you for all the insight and help 👍 I'm probably gabbing your ear off hahaha
  6. For the subcinta, im referencing the one video I saw from bugsincyberspace that introduced me to them- though I believe he was actually talking warty glowspot roaches in particular and it wasn't until I got the subcinta in hand that I realized they were actually different. Very much like how im trying gardening to create a self sustaining system- just fumbling about and hoping I succeed but unlike the plants there's a fair margin of success for me with roaches
  7. If there's a picture I cannot see it, your description definitely makes it seem more difficult to identify for me. If I show a picture of what I have, would you be able to tell me the ballpark or even if I'm lucky exactly what I have? My original ones had remnants of the jack-o-lantern pattern but almost solid white/clear wings with minimal dark markings around the middle of the wings. What i have now, it's a dark blotch on the pronotrum, like a botched fingerprint impression almost then darker wings. Even if I go to breed whats frowned upon, it feels imperative to me that I label everything and know what I actually have. Though my originals were majorly white winged, they did have resemblance of the jack oflantern pattern though none where as solid as my deaths heads- if the wings weren't opposing colors confusing the two would be fairly easy. What I have now.... I'm starting to think I have no idea what it's actual species is and it may not even be a hybrid, and if it is its so far gone no wonder they won't breed. Here I was thinking socializing wild caught nile monitors, mostly ones rehomed from unfit owners the hardest part of my involvement in the natural world. Yet the roaches end up as the hardest for me to figure out, strange how things work out 😅 Though I am mostly ignorant and have to rely on myself and random Google searches or YouTube videos (aside from this site, where my initial comment is when I remembered I was actually on here) I dislike failure and desire to do my absolute best as can be done- especially when it comes to tending to other lifeforms.
  8. Huh, I've seen mine use them but they are more at an angle, and the substrates just about an inch so maybe I should make it more deep? Though they definitely spend most of their time on the ground, I remember that they like it crowded but I figured a little more surface area wouldn't hurt. Though I am on year 5 or 6 of breeding roaches- they are almost entirely for food or local sales. I got into the roach hobby initially just to ensure I have food on hand for the reptiles I'm far more adept with, but tending to the bugs has become as big and enjoyable part of my day as the reptiles. For the fusca I think your onto something there, my past ones were more white in the wings and almost solid black in the body along with coming from a reliable breeder, my current ones resemble my giant caves identically minus the size. I remember the person I first got them from was out so I had to go to ebay and found found only one batch being sold. I was debating starting hybrids strictly as feeders since I have black winged deaths heads too- I've been on the fence after hearing they're pretty well frowned upon in the hobby, only upside to me was the speed of breeding and growing compared to similar sized roaches but if hybrids are like this pure ones are the way to go for sure. Brex like crazy for me and I kept them identical to my hissers and dubia. All that I've been able to learn over the years, man I'm still so far behind but it's fun. Always something new and interesting to discover, I freakin love it!
  9. I definitely came to that conclusion pretty quick after I ran into a problem. I should have done it that way to begin with, but I am a pretty stubborn guy along with being big time ocd and already having a dozen with the lid airflow. There are some pros to it, if I were to stack them on racks (which I've been able to find the perfect ones, just haven't purchased them yet) it will allow airflow while also helping to retain humidity too since I live in a very dry climate. For now, I just have them all spread out in my bug room with an egg flat on half of the screen. Whole thing was most definitely a face palm moment in hindsight, seems I'm one who must learn the hard way hahaha.
  10. Just curiosity, could they have never bred because it was only one pair? Im having a similar issue with my supposed colony of b. Fusca- had them before and they bred like crazy, but this round they just aren't. First go I bought 200, this round I got 20 and I'm down to just 5 adults and 2 large nymphs with no new batches. Blowing my mind compared to the first round.... but back to the topic at hand 🤣 I definitely have my eyes on this species as well, amazes me all the stunning species just hidden in the hobby, even the subcincta I didn't know about until I found someone who had em and i had to look them up. Jet black body with bright orange and yellow accents that glow in the dark in the wild- how are these not one of the most famous? For my bins I do a cookie cutter style 80qt gasket sealed bin with roughly 70% of the lid being aluminum screen- but the huge airflow area is to accommodate that they are stacked and the entire room is set to a certain temperature, I noticed early on that the way I have my room set- small airflow areas pose a risk of the bins overheating and if stacked possibly little to almost no airflow. Burrowing species like these along with my giant peppered and ivory heads get 1-2" of peat moss/coco fiber mixture with chunks of mesquite bark mixed in and vertical egg flats. The egg flats are a new method for species like this after I had way too many for just wood climbs and saw someone else using egg flats. They're all (with the exception of b. Fusca, dangit) doing quite well for me. Surprised by any sort of success because I just sort of fumble around and guess most of the time- love moments like this were I get to actually learn without being laughed out like when I went into some group and asked a general question of "anyone here have any luck with megaloblatta longipennis?" After I realized those exist.
  11. Unfortunately I haven't gotten that species still. I've been debating between those, giant lobsters, and shadow roaches. I'll definitely get one of them, just not sure which
  12. Hah I totally did end up doing that, plus giant peppered and either dusky caves or giant caves I think. Most certainly a huge fan of the orange and ivory heads, and my monitors absolute favorites are the orange heads
  13. How are they doing now? I didn't realize Lucihormetica didn't handle shipping well as adults, what was the setup like? Curiosity and desire to compare notes. I had recently lucked out and got a whole colony of subcinta that another didn't want, there were a few aborted ooths within a week but as of this month I have a few batches of nymphs from them. I'm very new to this species, having the colony for about 2 months now and only just learned about grossei like... 5 minutes ago...
  14. Hello, I currently have a colony of hissing cockroaches and a colony of dubia roaches but I am looking to start two more colonies of larger roaches and was recommended coming to this site to find someone to get them from. I have already decided I want a large number of orange head cockroaches, and I'm pretty sure I want the second species to be ivory head cockroaches. I was considering also dwarf cave cockroaches. Someone had contacted me about orange and ivory head roaches and told me they'd get a price shortly, but that was three weeks ago. Does anyone on here sell those two species in bulk? I'd like to have a second or even third person on my list to purchase from, as I do still intend to buy from the first person who contacted me too. I'm probably being overly cautious about inbreeding that Im not even sure is an issue with roaches, but I want to diversify my colonies bloodlines too. I have 2 Savannah monitors, 2 Nile monitors, an Argentine tegu, an Asian water monitor and am looking to add a pair of Australian frilled lizards to my family as well. My hissers and dubia are pumping out a TON of babies for me, but the hissers take forever to grow and my dubia colony is only a few months old now so even with almost 200 breeding females they just can't handle being the main diet on their own
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