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  1. Some news : I added more substrate so they can hide better. I also gave them pear's slices and they really like it. Also added fish food for proteins. Removing a piece of wood, I've found this big girl. I hope she will have babies soon 😍
  2. Nope, as I froze the whole substrate before. I'll wait a bit, maybe I expect a more active species and they are just living their discrete life....
  3. I spray water twice a day with rain water, and keep it humid in some part of the terrarium and dry in other part. They seem to prefer the dry part. In can see some of them through the glass, they stay in the substrate most of the time and don't really move. I saw some eating a bit. But yep, I don't think they are really active or anything and finding a young one dead is not a good sign
  4. Well... This is not a success so far. I found a young one dead yesterday. I've done a really nice terrarium with an old piece of wood, moss, barks, but they really don't move a lot. Do you think I should better put them in an opaque box ?
  5. Ok so I don't have to worry. Same here : they like apple, maybe carrots... Removing the light was a good thing, some of them are going out a bit more.
  6. What about the food? What do you give to them ?
  7. Piece of wood and barks. I should receive the ceramic lamp today or tomorrow, I'll tell you if they're less shy.
  8. Hi, I have a group of Pseudoglomeris magnifica. They are very shy during the day, staying under the substrate at the bottom of the terrarium and they just go out at the end of the day. Have you observing the same behaviour ? I feed them with fruits honey, decomposed wood and leaves. I read somewhere here that I should add pollen. I thought they probably don't like the lamp I put on the top so I'm goint to change for a ceramic lamp without light. Any tips would be appreciated. Edit : they eat some apple, but seem not fond of banana. I gave them some pollen. Some of them are going out
  9. Can we keep Gyna sp. in Exo-terra enclosures like this ? Do they support a normal room temperature (20°) or do they need a heater?
  10. They jump and fly too much or they do they hyde themselves ?
  11. You're right! Phoraspis sp from Brazil.
  12. I had a colony of G. portentosa a few years ago and I used to breed them in dry terrariums, just with paper eggs boxes. I would like to try to have my new ones in a more aesthetic terrarium. Do you think I can use soil, mosses, wood, rocks, dead leaves, or should I just keep the first option and go back to the eggs boxes ? Best regards, JB
  13. Hi, Does someone know the name of this beauty ? Best, Jeb
  14. Hi guys, Newbie in the cockroaches world. I used to have some roaches when I had tarentulas and reptiles, but I bred them just as food, even if I really didn't like it... I stopped terrariophilia a few years ago. I've always been interested into cockroaches and their social life, so I recently decided to order some females Gromphadorhina oblongonata from a giant "souche". I would really love to find a pair of Macropanesthia, and I'm in love with the Gyna species but I really don't want to be overflown (not sur of that word) by births... I know, that's stupid if you are into coackroaches..
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