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  1. Hello! My female recently had a lot of babies and I can't bring myself to feed them to my turtles so would anyone want them? I'd prefer to have them all together since they're very fast and hard to pick out just a few. Also do I have to wait until they're a certain size to ship? They're about the size of a large roly poly. I'll cover shipping costs I just really need them gone!


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  2. Hello! I recently got myself a female hissing cockroach and when she first arrived she moved her antennas and sometimes her front two legs but now she is not moving at all. I dont think shes dead but shes not moving, not even her antennas. It is cold in LA right now for some reason and ive been trying to keep her warm with blankets and a hot water bottle but it seems hopeless since she is not moving. I have food and water inside and she seemed interested in neither while she was moving. She hasnt moved in around 4 days. Please help

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