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  1. Hi! Had to make an account specifically to post this because I'm a little confused... I'm really excited to say I'm (hopefully) going to have my first clutch of baby hissers! However, I caught my pregnant female laying an ootheca earlier. I initially panicked that it was some sort of parasite, as I was sure hissers were live bearing, but after some searching found out it was definitely an egg sac. She'd picked a very high and precarious place to do all this, so I kept an eye on her throughout the process (around an hour? I wasn't keeping time), but after leaving briefly to do something I came back to find she was just...pulling it back in?! None of the care/breeding sheets I've found seem to address this at all. They mention an ootheca, but note that the female keeps this inside her in order to livebear. She looks perfectly normal again now, and is acting fine, I'm just perplexed about the whole situation and was wondering if anyone has similar experience or perhaps an explanation as to why she would "pretend" to lay an ootheca. Thanks!
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