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  1. The possible genetic issue from previous traumas. I would recommend to get rid off all cockroaches which had this issue.
  2. Is mold presents on the substrate? How often did you change food source? How you control humidity level?
  3. Hi, from your description, I can ques that it can be Valentian dysentery caused by high temperature during molting time. Is it possible that you have too high temperature for them or maybe you tried to clean your tank then some of them was on molting process? All creatures is very sensitive during molting so don't do cleaning process or etc.
  4. Hi, I'm new here, but I would like to ask you to do some favor for me. I'm creating my own website about exotic animals as a pet but I want to concentrate more on the health issues, but to make information more useful I need pictures of unhealthy cockroaches, just to make easier for people to understand how the disease could look. So if you have some pictures of your cockroaches with some issues maybe you could send them to me on my email? bronislavaandrusanec@gmail.com Also if you have some request for some kinda information which you would like to see on my website please write down here and I will read that. Please also you can write here website name examples to make it easier for me it should be short and easy remember it. Thank you very much
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