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  1. Sorry. I’ve been on vacation in Florida.(I saw two Florida woods cockroaches!) Well... I’m back now! It turns out Layla’s ootheca has hatched! Yay!!! We officially have nymphs! I was very worried about one of the adults eating the egg case, but thankfully that never happened (um.... duh!) I found another cockroach lover named Joey who has become a good friend of mine. He will join our forum soon! Anyway, Marcus killed a few of his children. The rest are very healthy, tiny, and super cute! Hope everyone here is enjoying summer.
  2. I’ll sometimes feed them Blue Buffalo cat food that I feed my cats. Never tried chick feed before...
  3. Aww... I own 8 P. Americana (story coming soon). My favorite genus of cockroaches. Picture?
  4. Cows, goats... COCKROACH MILK?!? Yeesh... the things people try to milk..
  5. Pretty sure those were either Australian or American cockroaches
  6. That’s my stuff just a silly French cartoon with my two favorite animals
  7. BTW I own P. Americana great to hear that was a myth. They’ve actually warmed up to my presence now and let me handle them without a treat.
  8. Rabbit food does not meet most cockroach’s needs, since rabbits are entirely herbivorous. I’m glad you are providing a variety for a good diet maybe some fresh fruit now and then?
  9. Interesting! My P. Americana are protein addicts, but they LOVE bananas. Please tell me how they like it.
  10. This is off topic, but I saw some random cartoon in which people called insects “inferior six-legged rat” That was the angriest I’ve ever been ?. Now it’s hilarious how much I hate that show now. Ha
  11. You are awesome, emmet! My female, Layla, is expecting nymphs. You interested in P.Americana?
  12. Wow! If you could catch an orange head on the hunt, could you post it?
  13. My P. Americana wouldn’t dare leave their home.... there’s no strawberries, banana, or cooked chicken OUTSIDE. Ha. Really though... cockroaches spend more time cleaning themselves than most animals, so gross is just derogatory. BTW, that man who saved the Australian cockroach... well God bless him!
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