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  1. I may have missed posting info for the September meeting, but rest assured there was no catastrophic club melt-down and that meeting still happened, ha ha. The October meeting will be on the 16th, from 10:00-11:30 AM, on Skype. As per usual invertebrates will be discussed, and I would like to discuss the topic of next year's calendar (return to physical meetings hopefully!) and the funding of a new club website/club library as well. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  2. I've used Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" and E. serranus. All you really need is a healthy starting number, an appropriate sized enclosure, and warmth. Once the colony gets big enough food disappears really quickly. I will say though I've had a lot of problems with too much moisture getting trapped in the enclosure because of all the water in fruits and veggies, so I would recommend good ventilation to prevent you ending up with a swamp in a bin. Thanks, Arthroverts
  3. Yes indeed, I was just reviewing the Cyrillic alphabet and was trying to make sense of what I was seeing. How interesting! I never would have guessed "the" would be so problematic, but it makes sense after seeing how your alphabet doesn't really make allowance for it. Really? I've heard that in some areas Ukrainian and Russian are nearly identical, but maybe this was just a mistake or it has more to do with local dialects. But to return to the roaches, huzzah! Very good to hear they are already reproducing. Thanks, Arthroverts
  4. I imagine that it wouldn't be any more of a problem than the magnetic fields roaches encounter generated by appliances and devices, but I don't know for sure so I can't say anything definite. Sounds like an experiment might be order with just a few specimens first? Thanks, Arthroverts
  5. This might be helpful: Thanks, Arthroverts
  6. I downloaded an app to learn Russian, and I am already surprised by how difficult the pronunciation of many Russian words is for me as an English-speaking American, ha ha. Maybe I'll just try to learn to read the language. Thanks, Arthroverts
  7. I wasn't even aware of this website. Was it like a forum? Thanks, Arthroverts
  8. Beautiful Polyphaga! Do keep us updated on how they do. Would love to learn Russian and/or Ukrainian to communicate with people such as yourself @Gromphadorhini, but from what I understand the language is difficult to learn (similar to how English is a difficult language, ha ha). Thanks, Arthroverts
  9. Hullo everyone! The Invertebrate Club of Southern California's August meeting will be on the 21st (Saturday), from 10:00-11:30 AM, via Skype. I have a few announcements to go over but otherwise bring your scientific names and your collection updates and I’ll see you there! Sneak peak: some hikes are being planned... Thanks, Arthroverts
  10. If they are stealing pictures from your friend than scammer or no I would avoid them. Thanks, Arthroverts
  11. Hello everyone, the ICSC July meeting will be on the 17th, from 10:00-11:30 AM, via Skype. I will be back for this meeting after being away from the last two, and I'm excited to see everyone! This month Dr. Philip S. Ward from UC Davis has agreed to come to the meeting to discuss ants with us! He was the one who described Camponotus us-CA01 as C. johnsonii, and has been working with Southern California ants for many years now, including the elusive pseudomyrmecines the ant keepers amongst us love so much. Bring your questions and thoughts on all things myrmecological, and don't forget your scientific names, this isn't one you'll want to miss! Anywho, looking forward to this meeting, can't wait to see all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  12. Hello all, the Invertebrate Club of Southern California's May meeting will be on the 15th, from 10:00-11:30 AM, on Skype. We will be holding another raffle this meeting, and invertebrates are again the object of discussion ;D! Also, planning a hike/collecting trip in Riverside for the end of this month after the fantastic trip we had in April, stay tuned for more information. Thanks, Arthroverts
  13. Never heard of this species before, how cool! The texturing is quite interesting. What stage of development is the specimen in the photo? What is their care like? Thanks, Arthroverts
  14. Hello all, the Invertebrate Club of Southern California's April meeting will be on the 17th (Saturday), from 10:00-11:30 AM, via Skype. We will be discussing invertebrates as per usual, and there will be another (free) raffle at this meeting. We are also trying to organize a hike for the evening of the 18th (Sunday) in the San Gabriel Mountains at a spot along Highway 39. If interested please message me or email us through the club email address for further particulars. Thanks, Arthroverts
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