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  1. Meeting today! Don't forget to bring your questions for Dr. Bond, I'm looking forward to seeing all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  2. Redmont unfortunately disappeared from the hobby some time ago. Thanks, Arthroverts
  3. Hello all, the Invertebrate Club of Southern California's February meeting will be on the 20th (Saturday), from 10:00-11:30 AM, on Skype. Dr. Jason E. Bond, who described Cryptocteniza kawtak, worked on the 2016 Aphonopelma revision and the 2012 Aptostichus revision (along with a small host of other works), will be coming to answer questions and discuss invertebrates (if all goes according to plan)! Bring your questions and scientific names, I know I am definitely going to be asking him about what we as hobbyists can do to protect C. kawtak and other California native mygalomorphs in the
  4. Despite my sleepiness after a crazy week, we all had a great time discussing mantids, roaches, ants, Triops, and all manner of other invertebrates (and a few vertebrates...) at this past January meeting. Though I unfortunately did not have the new T-shirt design ready in time, we did take advantage of our ability to share our collections via video: MrGhostMantis showed us his Deroplatys truncata, Hierodula membranacea, and Heterochaeta orientalis, sgvmantid showed us his two Stagmomantis limbata, and I showed some of my roaches and beetles. We also got to meet two new club members, XxSpiderQue
  5. Wow, congratulations! That is a very attractive looking species. I hope they do well for you, we need more specimens in culture. Thanks, Arthroverts
  6. And we're back! Happy New Year everyone, the ICSC is officially two years old! The ICSC January meeting will be on the 16th (Saturday), from 10:00-11:30 AM, via Skype. We will be discussing invertebrates (of course) and perhaps talk about guest speakers to invite for the 2021 meetings. I also hope to reveal a new club T-shirt design, if I can finish it in time... Thanks, Arthroverts
  7. It was interesting to see my Blaberus giganteus give birth; the babies were literally being "shot" out at a (relatively) high speed. It is also always funny to see winged species try to fly such as Blaberus and Eublaberus, as though they aren't Panchlora by any stretch, they can still make some good flying leaps. Thanks, Arthroverts
  8. I too wish to become more familiar with the species in culture in Russia... Thanks, Arthroverts
  9. I love the various Blaberus and Eublaberus species, but aside from them I focus less on entire families and more on certain species that catch my eye. Thanks, Arthroverts
  10. Hello all, the meeting is this Saturday (21st), and we're pushing back the start to 11:00 and going to 12:30. We will be meeting on Skype. Since we take a break from meeting in December this is the last club meeting of 2020. We will be having our Thanksgiving-for-Christmas-in-November event at this meeting, and as such only club members are allowed to attend. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  11. Blaberus I would think is also an option, as they require a moist environment and in my experience often will hollow out the exoskeletons of dead specimens. Thanks, Arthroverts
  12. I agree with Hisserdude, it really does depend on the species, as Blattodea is such a diverse order that what may be true for one species or genus may be fatal for another. Case in point: most Perisphaerinae as compared to most Panesthiinae. Thanks, Arthroverts
  13. Hello, welcome to the forum! I am not familiar with the specific nutritional values of B. dubia vs. B. lateralis, but considering how many people use strictly B. lateralis for their specimens it can't be significant enough to pose a problem. What temperature are you keeping them at? Roaches will eat less if kept at cooler temperatures. The last question I do not know; I suppose it's possible? Hope this helps, Arthroverts
  14. I was more so curious about just the general vibe being searched for. Generally if a group is set to be casual serious conversation will rarely crop up with any regularity. Thanks, Arthroverts
  15. What sort of chat group? For breeding and serious husbandry discussions? More so casual roach conversations? Other? Thanks, Arthroverts
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