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  1. Much to my horror, one of the places I bought red runners from apparently was infested with a larger climbing species. They got larger than the red runners so I have killed all the ones I could see. I am hoping they didn't breed in my red runner colony as there were only a few but I guess time will tell. Not very happy at all and hoping my house doesn't end up infested.
  2. In my colony, the turks cannot climb smooth plastic at all, not even climb out of a level 8 ounce deli cup but on two occasions after sorting roaches I've seen both times a large female be able to run very fast on smooth plastic. Has anyone else ever seen this? I thought they weren't supposed to be able to run on smooth surface maybe because she built up speed on the egg crates first or do the adult females have some special spiderman ability? Ive seen people say they dont use a lid "because they cannot climb anyway!" Fortunately I am using a gasket box and I dont feed any females anyway cuz I want them to lay for eggs
  3. I started up a dubia colony again last fall but I noticed they had not been going through the chick feed as fast as I expected. I recently started mixing in some ground up toasted oat type cereal in with the chick feed I got for cheap and noticed they are flying through the dry food now. They don't seem to be just picking out the cereal but consumption of the entire mix is very high. I am wondering if Dubia just really crave sugar. I noticed when I started feeding them orange my production went way up and I am sure the cereal has some kind of sugars in it. I am hoping this increase in feed will soon result in an even bigger increase in production.
  4. They give me the heebee jeebies even feeding them off creepy looking things lol
  5. How did yours escape? I have them in the weather seal tall ziplock type boxes, sure hope they cannot get out. I am going to add some of the bug stop type stuff just to be on the safe side. I am using feeding dishes to feed them and it seems to me that they cannot get out of those but I havent used any nymphs yet.
  6. Did he have them like everywhere or was he just finding a few here and there? I can't really find much info on hatching them either, it seems to be the only area in which people are having issues. They sure do eat a lot though.
  7. Just curious where you guys buy your egg crates at? I am needing to change some out soon and a lot of times they are expensive.
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