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  1. Oh that's not too bad at all. Has anyone here used the flexwatt heat tape?
  2. Do you have lis on your bins? How do you keep it from melting the plastic?
  3. Thank you, I'll have to look into that. Wondering if there are large ones that could connect to multiple bins. Other wise it might be an overlord of electrical cords everywhere.
  4. So for like 30-50+ colonies, what do you guys find to be the best way to heat? I've been using a space heater on low setting, but even that is more expensive than I'd like. Safety is also a major concern. I think I may have even asked this before, but can't seem to find the thread.
  5. Thought this was interesting enough to post. I had my ivories in a pretty large bin. They were reproducing, but slower than when I had them crowded. Anyway, today I put them in a size down. Literally just dumped the substrate and all in a new bin. Within minutes the adults were all flapping their wings/doing their breeding dances. Many of them paired up and started mating. Never seen this before, especially so fast after being dumped into a bin. It was like a signaling to the mass that it was breeding time.
  6. I just don't understand, they're blowing up randomly in bins that weren't touched before. They only seem to go after the dead, but wherever they are seems to suffer massive die off. Is there any somewhat easy way to stop this problem. In the past they've seem to run their course, but this has been persisting for some time now. Very frustrating, I have a lot going on ATM and the idea of changing out 40 bins is pretty unrealistic. At the same time, I don't want to see my colonies that I've spent years on die off.
  7. So you mean the parasitic types will not mess with a dead roach? I've seen these flies go after food I put in as well, even carrots. Of course they prefer the protein. I'm sure they're phorid of some kind because they have the hump backs and run all over the surfaces.
  8. Thank you for responding! So how can one tell a parasitic phorid vs the type that just feeds on dead things?
  9. I've been battling some phorid flies lately. I'm very confused why I keep finding dead adults in my b fusca and Peruvian bins. I have tons of nymphs and the living ones seem to be thriving, but I'll find a few adults dead swarming with flies pretty regularly. Don't seem to be finding any dead nymphs though. Are the flies attacking the roaches or do you think these roaches are just dying from old age? Everything seems in order 80ish temps, moist substrate with dry areas, ventilation, hiding, etc. I have 30 some colonies and I rarely find them anywhere else.
  10. Old thread, but noticed this in a humid bin I have. Doesn't seem to bother anything, is it known to cause problems?
  11. I just added zebra isopods to my speckled panchlora bin. They reproduce a bit slower and are as smothering as others. Figured they shouldn't bother each other and would make a good clean up crew.
  12. Thank you for replying. I've been in the middle of a move, meant to respond sooner. I got mine from Cape cod roaches. There were definitely some giants, they were much bigger and noticeably acted different(liked to fly). They died, but there are still a lot of nymphs. I've found some adults, but they were tiny, looking like regulars. Haven't seen any large adults since. I've had them for probably 8 months or so(can't remember exactly).
  13. How would I know if I'm seeing giant green males or regular males?
  14. I use all of those seeds as well lol, thanks for responsing
  15. Going on a post spree today lol... anyway, was wondering if some ody could recommend a staple protein source for roach colonies that isn't dog/cat/fish/etc food. Some of my roaches get fed off to chameleons and I'd prefer they only eat vegan sources if possible. Maybe some sort of seeds or nuts that would be affordable+nutritious?
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