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  1. around oct 20th i put one of my male hissers in a pill bottle with hand sanitizer didnt gut it and its still doing good, i do not recommend doing this method as im doing this purely as an experiment to see how long it stays preserved, so far so good though
  2. telling the difference between different species in the same genus would be hard, heck its hard for me to tell the difference between Halloween nymphs and the other Gromphadorhina hybrids that my friend has
  3. Im not very good at id's but the one in the 2nd picture MIGHT be a dwarf Hisser due to the lighter shell, i could be wrong though
  4. So the person i got my hissing and Halloween roaches from (Gromphadorhina portentosa and Elliptorhina javanica) said that they can't crossbreed but i read online that they can? im hoping they can crossbreed but i would like to know if they can or not so i dont waste time hoping they can
  5. This is just neat, keep up the good work, i found a lot of red pigment in my dubia roach's so im gonna try selectively breeding mine, thx for inspiration btw
  6. one of the females has layed an egg case, meant to say this a few days ago but site was down
  7. i can basically confirm its safe if your not keeping the 2 for breeding, stay tuned if you want to see if they breed fine or not
  8. Hey i made a roach discord, its still new, idk if im allowed to post invites but if im not ill remove this post or edit it-https://discord.gg/kTB9MrV
  9. thx, it might be a bit before the red runners breed as i have very few and only one adult at the moment but yah i will keep you updated and thx for being interested
  10. i checked them out while cleaning colony and they seem to be getting along fine, i saw some of the dubias chilling with the red runners in peace
  11. So as an experiment im keeping a tiny amount of Red-Runners with my Dubias to see if they cope, so far they are doing fine with each other, i will try to get pics and i will keep you updated with how there coping, if you have questions let me know and ill reply as soon as possible
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