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  1. Yes I have! I kept Ponera Pennsylvanica for some time, but it didn't last in the end.
  2. ATM only have to feed 6 mantids. But I have some jumping spiders I will be getting soon and 9 more mantids so I will have to feed those.
  3. Hey everybody! I am and invert addict. Here's my current animal list. I have kept:Ants:Brachyamyrmex DepillisCamponotus PennsylvanicusCrematogaster LineolataFormica SubsericaLasius NeonigerNylanderia FlavipesPrenolepis ImparisTapinoma SessileTetramorium ImmigransCamponotus ChromaidesCamponotus NearcitcusCamponotus NovaeboracensisLasius MurphyiMyrmecina sp.Myrmica sp.Ponera PennsylvanicaTemnothorax CurvispinosusTemnothorax LongispinosusLasius BrevicornisTermites:Recticulermes FlavipesMantids:Creoborater (suspected gemmatus)Tarachodula PantherinaBlepharopsis MendicaHymenopus CoronatusRoache
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