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  1. Yes I have! I kept Ponera Pennsylvanica for some time, but it didn't last in the end.
  2. ATM only have to feed 6 mantids. But I have some jumping spiders I will be getting soon and 9 more mantids so I will have to feed those.
  3. Hey everybody! I am and invert addict. Here's my current animal list. I have kept:Ants:Brachyamyrmex DepillisCamponotus PennsylvanicusCrematogaster LineolataFormica SubsericaLasius NeonigerNylanderia FlavipesPrenolepis ImparisTapinoma SessileTetramorium ImmigransCamponotus ChromaidesCamponotus NearcitcusCamponotus NovaeboracensisLasius MurphyiMyrmecina sp.Myrmica sp.Ponera PennsylvanicaTemnothorax CurvispinosusTemnothorax LongispinosusLasius BrevicornisTermites:Recticulermes FlavipesMantids:Creoborater (suspected gemmatus)Tarachodula PantherinaBlepharopsis MendicaHymenopus CoronatusRoaches:Blaptica DubiaButterflys:Danaus plexippusExotic Fish:Several Saltwater Fish I can't recall the names ofBetta splendensCat:Felis catusSuper worms:Zophobas morioFruit Flies (Feeder):D. HydeiWorms:Lumbricina sp.Frogs/Tadpoles:Rana temporariaWasps:Vespula vulgaris Queen for a little while I also have 9 more mantids coming in the mail, and will be ordering 2 jumping spiders and some little Kenyan roaches (12). I also have a colony of Dubias with around 30, no winged adults yet... I probably will be getting some Red Runners in the future. I currently only use my roaches as feeders. I am also a member of arachno boards, tarantulas forum, Formiculture, mantid forum, and beetle forum. I live in upstate NY (Rochester) and am excited to keep roaches! Here is my Dubia setup (they are all hiding, there is also a second hide not visible in pic. Also sorry about the mess in the backround, with so many inverts it gets hard...) Also, everyone thinks my name is Cole. Yeah that's my username, but not my actual name. I just like the name Cole, partially because it's the main character from my favorite novel. I also don't like using my real name (Shaheer) on the Internet.
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