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  1. I started out with the same amount of Dubia and Discoids in the same enclosure and now the Dubias are out breeding the Discoids. Looks to be like 3/4 Dubia 1/4 Discoid now. I'm thinking about moving out the Discoids.
  2. With warm weather here it seems my roaches are eating and producing alot more now too, looks like I can get rid of the Lobsters and just keep the Dubias and Discoids.
  3. I'm in the process of getting rid of the lobsters and just focus Discoid and Dubias for now. I'll keep in mind to make vents on the sides next time, would really save alot of room(currently not stacking). Thanks I'll fix my avatar
  4. Right now I'm keeping Dubia and Discoid roaches in the same container and was just wondering if you think they'll breed fast and do better if they're kept in their own enclosures? Thanks in Advance
  5. Dubia and Discoids, I keep them in same container.
  6. The other day I was reheating some chicken mcnuggets and four pieces fell on the group. Fed it to the roaches and they loved it, that's the fastest I have seen them eat anything Just thought I would post a heads up.
  7. Just wondering if it's safe for the roaches and animals that will be eating them?
  8. Just wanted to show off my new roach enclosures that I just made. Old ones new ones new and old together
  9. Me bumping two old thread in day has never happened before but just wanted to say thanks for the ideas on this. I just made three storage bin roach enclosures using this method. Only difference is I cut hole on top instead the side, wish I would of cut the holes on the side instead so I can easily stack them on top each other.
  10. Sorry for bumping old thread but I believe my fly problem is also do to excessive moisture due to water crystals. As the enclosures without water crystals and are pretty dry barely has any flies in there when I open up the lids. This fly problem is really starting to bug my girlfriend so now I'm trying the screen top(hope that they can't get in and out to repopulate) and keeping the enclosures dry as possible.
  11. Can't wait till my colony gets to that size.
  12. Thanks for reply Yea I'm at a lost as to why my roaches are not eating as much as I think they should be. The only thing that I can tell they're eating are the breads but even that they seem to only nibble a little. There are no dead roaches lying around or anything out of the ordinary, besides the slow breeding so not really sure what's going on. All the adults matured about 3-4 months ago so I figure I would be seeing alot of nymphs running around but that's not the case.
  13. Somehow I mixed colony of Dubia and Discoid doesn't seem to eat at all and are producing very slowly. I'll throw a slice of orange in and it probably get a nibble or two before having to be thrown out a few days later. It goes the same with the dry dog food too, I'll throw a small handful in and a few days later it seems like nothing has been eating. I would guess my colony to be about around 200 roaches total. I'm thinking it might be the temp though, cause I just keep them at room temperature of 70-75. Heating here is free but my GF would kill me if I have the temp any higher Should I consider getting a heat mat? It's just very frustrating when your roaches are not eating and breeding like other people's. Foods I have tried: Dry Beneful dog food. pedigree canned dog food. white Wonder Bread apple orange fish flakes fish pellets any vegetables
  14. Here's a few I just took. It's very hard to hold this guy still.
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