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  1. I also believe that the females have wings. But I have no idea how to discern a male amongst the females xD
  2. Turkestan cockroach for should fit all your requirements as well, but if you do have an escapei you have a pest problem on your hands, as they are efficient breeders :P
  3. Neat find. How do you tell a male surinam roache from a female surinam roache?
  4. Hey everyone I have a colony of about 1000 Shelfordella lateralis (rusty reds) And I am having issues cleaning their enclosure. I would upload a picture but I cant get I below the 0.29MB. So the enclosure has no substrate (to ease in finding ootheca) 4 Vertical egg trays and 1 horizontal tray where waterpipes are placed. Next to the horizontal egg Tray there is a food box with dogfood. My problem is to put it bluntly they shit like crazy. At the end of the week everything apart from there food bowl is covered in small fecal matter. This is removed at the start of the week and repeated each week. However, I have no good way of getting all my roaches out of the colony so I can easily clean it. What I do atm is I take each egg tray out and shake off the roaches into a temporary holding box until I have moved all the Roches. Then I make sure no roaches or ootheca are left and remove the fecal matter with a paper towel. This is slow and tedious, and I deal with escapees every time. I was wondering if any of you had some good ideas on how I could improve my cleaning routine. Thanks in advance
  5. I do, But good point! But my colony is more active now, I have upped the moister a bit and began feeding them lettuce. Almost imminently after this they began eating the leaves again. Now I just hope they begin to increase in numbers : )
  6. Might be an idea, I am just scared that if becomes to humid, mold will begin growing in the colony as 50% is already quite high. Have you have any experience with that? and do you perchance know the % humidity in your cage?
  7. You got termites, that is frekin rad! Can you post some pictures of them and your setup?
  8. Ahh, when I think of Roches as feeder animals, I only imagined it as being food for reptiles. But ofc other invertebrates would love a roach snack. I have always wanted a tarantula, but the wife is not too happy about it (and perhaps I am a bit scared of them as well, so I haven’t pushed for it). I also assumed they are inactive which is why I like Roches, a lot more movement all the time. No mater if there is food or not. Does your Surinams lay eggs? I thought the species was ovoviviparous (Ootheca hatch within the female roach). You sure it is Pycnoscelus surinamensis?
  9. I have never had Dubai Roches, but I know that they tend to want to avoid high protein and instead go for high sugar food elements. Apple, orange, watermelon lettuce and strawberry should be ideal food items for them. I don’t know if you are using organic foods, but if not, that may be a solution. Cockroaches are quite picky and if they can detect high amounts of pesticides on their food they will not be as egger to eat it. No idea how to stop cannibalization sadly.
  10. Red runners (Shelfordella lateralis or Blatta lateralis) smell very musky. Perhaps it is the mating pheromones the males and females display you can smell?? When you remove the males from the enclosure there is no need for the females to use energy on mating pheromones and as such they do not smell. Have you tried making a male only enclosure? Only asking out of curiosity
  11. Why have so many diffrent feeder roches?? Are they different in their nutritional value??
  12. I have a colony of pycnoscelus surinamensis and they are not reproducing. There are no signs of illness and the individuals that I have are fast moving and quick to dig back under the soil if disturbed. So they seam healthy enough. I would however like to get them reproduce a bit, so if I can optimize their setup that would be just great! Help me please My setup is following. 60*40*28 plastic box, with plenty of ventilation Temperature 27 degrees and 50% humidity 3 cm soil Dry leaves ad libitum Fruit and veggies one a week. No water (apart from the fresh fruit and veggies). The reason I have no water is that they are soil living and therefore do not normally access water but get it though their diet. (as far as I have found) Any inputs would be apriciated
  13. I feed ad libitum (dry leaves) and supplement with a veggie (often carrots or a piece of lettuce) and a piece of fruit (orange or apple) one a week. The veggie and fruit are given to the colony on separate days and removed after 5 days if they have not eaten up, to avoid mold. I also change my water daily as I use filled water tubes closed with cotton wool.
  14. Haha well you learn as long as you live, I guess. From my experience they breed very slowly, but if you look up the species that should not be the case. Hope you colony bounces back up. And yeah well the practicalities of caring for the Roches are attained even if you do not keep them as pets. But you wrote you have a lot of different species. Where they all feeder roches?
  15. Hey everyone. New roach holder here. I thought it be wise to join amongst other Roche keepers to get hints and tips on how to best care for the Roches i own. I am currently holding 2 colonies, a Shelfordella lateralis (Turkestan cockroach) and a Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Surinam cockroach) I do not have any planes on expanding my collection as I would rather become more knowledgeable with the two species I own now. So, if any of you are experts or just well familiar with these species, I would LOVE to have a little chit-chat about them. Looking forward to the conversations and becoming more knowledgeable!
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