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  1. Working on getting ahold of a few myself (emerald roaches). Hopefully I can help get them into the US hobby 😁
  2. Hey I'm Kayla from Indiana. Been interested in insects since I was a little girl. I'd spend most of the day digging in the yard or lifting rocks and logs in search of well, you guessed it. Bugs. As much as I love insects spiders terrify me. Well not too recently, I discovered that hissing cockroaches exist *thank you internet*. These are now my favorite insect species. I'm going to try to collect all the different kinds of living specimens that exist in the hobby. I'm always interested in learning more about them and I'm currently a knowledge sponge for all things hissing cockroach related ♥️ I have a couple species in my collection so far and they're all very dear to me. Havent started breeding them but I'm looking forward to.
  3. I would gladly take any if you ever have unwanted babies again, I love hissers.
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