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  1. I can't get this thought out of my head, Will dubia roaches eat a tarantula molt? I don't plan on keeping my tarantula's molt for long and was wondering if I can feed it off to my dubia roaches and darkling beetles(cohab)
  2. When I first got my dubia roaches I would feed them bread, rabbit food, and apples however I've noticed that after a while when the colony got bigger I would have to add even more variation of food just because half of the colony doesn't like to eat those foods, their food now consists of bread, banana, rabbit food, cheese, apple, orange, watermelon(in the summer), rarely fish flakes, rarely uncooked pork chops, lettuce and strawberry, The babies are easier since they really only eat lettuce, cheese and the meats. was wondering if anyone knows of a food that everyone will agree on. Also, any tips on preventing cannibalization? I had one fatality and I wish to not have to wake up with a partially eaten roach again.
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