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    Yeah, sure. Here is the Pycnoscelus spec. 'Malaysia' and the Pycnoscelus striatus Thanks Jake
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    Thanks for the welcome. IMO the Germans have too many good roaches , time to bring German roaches to the UK
  3. Hi all, just thought I'd pop in and say Hi. Well I'm Jake and I live in Scotland. Just recently left my job and looking for something to fill the gap, so I have decided on roaches. I already have a small feeder colony of Dubai and a pair of hissers but want more. I have decided to get the following species; Hemiblaberus brunneus Oxyhaloa deusta Pycnoscelus spec. 'Malaysia' Pycnoscelus striatus Schultesia Lampyridiformis Just really looking for helpful information on keeping the above species so thought I would join here and be nosey. Also, it seems very hard to get various roach species here in the UK. The main ones available are Dubai, Turkistan and Lobster, so I am ordering mine from Germany. Thanks and Hi
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