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  1. merci a toi pharma Pas mal ton francais n'est sc. Que tu especes Recherche Comme? enveloppe scellée tu en France, cordialement cedric
  2. merci a toi pharma ton francais n'est pas si mal . que recherche tu comme especes ? tu habite en france , cordialement cedric
  3. Tonkinbolus caudulanus very easy to raise. species rather small but very nice.
  4. hello, yes a nice list that is growing more and more. Taiko is a name found in a video game, I use it on every forum I frequent
  5. hello My name is Cedric and I'm french, sorry my writing but I'm not good at English. I breed cockroaches almost 8 years. I have a date. - tesselata Archimandrita - Blaberus craniifer - Blaberus craniifer black wing - Blaberus colloseus - fusca Blaberus - dubia Blaptica - Blatta lateralis - Phoetalia pallida - distanti Eublaberus - portentosa Gromphadorhina - Gyna lurida - Pycenoscelus hemapterus - Oxyhaloa deusta - olegrandjeani Therea - Elliptorhina chopardi I hope you would hold no grudge for my English and we can discuss on the forum.
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