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  1. I am almost positive that they were organic. But that is a good thing to remember
  2. I just started a new isopod habitat. I’ve got sow bugs, with a few Roly pollies as well. One came dead on arrival. I’ve lost about 5 Sow bugs in two weeks. I’ve fed them banana peels, and a few pieces of dog food in this time. Their main soil is coconut noir. The biggest one was the last to die, not before having some babies. Am I doing something Wrong, or is it typical to lose some when they’re in a new enclosure? I mist the sides twice a day (not enough to pool and make them drown). My kids are just bummed they lost their favorite own bug today. The soil is also moist. Any tips or advice would be helpful. I received them from the website InsectSales, along with leaf litter and branches
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