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  1. Yes, i have 4 males and 4 females.
  2. I didn't know what to do, so I acted. I very carefully returned incubation bag to her abdomen. She lives yet, I will continue to observe her.
  3. In Czech republic is only one generally known expert and breeder of cockroaches. From him. He probably imported, I´m not sure. But he told me: "Very damp, I won't say anything more " He breed this species in two box, but only in one did they breed. He doesn't know why. He is the only one to breed them.
  4. Hi. Probably happened. My female Anisolampra panfilovi create oothec, another roach start eat this oothec and he pulled out of her abdomen with incubation bag. What now?? Is there any treatment? Will she pull it in herself? Should I pull it in manually? Thx for any advice.
  5. Hi Does anyone know what enviroment they live in? In leafs or stones? Average temperature? Is there a winter season in their habitat? All I know is they are semiaquatic. But i have 8 adults and they don´t go to water. Maybe nymfs only? Please for any advice.
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