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  1. In regards to springtails...are Collembola good for roach vivs? I'm building a Viv for A. tesselata and want to be sure I don't get springs that will upset them haha.
  2. So in your experience do Oak leaves work best or better than Magnolia leaves? I am building an enclosure for A. tesselata and want to provide them a leaf litter for not only their comfort but the occasional munch.
  3. Thanks folks! Yeah I'm trying to get my hands on some as we speak. Blaberus colosseus "Peru" is a major goal species currently but I am striking out majorly haha.
  4. Howdy y'all. I currently have a large colony (3-4000) of B. dubia as feeders for my various other pets. I am moving towards keeping some other species of roaches as pets and figured I would come on by and gather some info and such.
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