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    current roach species: Blaptica dubia, Eublaberus posticus, Eublaberus sp. 'Ivory,' Blaberus giganteus, Gromphadorhina portentosa, Shelfordella lateralis, Pycnoscelus striatus, Therea olegrandjeani. also reptiles and plants

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  1. Check out how big one of my question marks is. Next to a dime. Her pronotum overlaps her wings slightly which is weird.
  2. A few things. I'm not too sure about putting the lamp directly inside of the cage, along with the side-tank heater. This could make the enclosure too hot and dry, although from the picture they don't seem to be seeking out cool or moist places. Also, I'm sure other people would probably tell you not to use the rock water dish combo. It might be better to mist or pour water in one corner of the cage, creating a small moisture gradient/humid microclimate in the substrate for them to move into if they are too hot or dry. They are adults, and from my experience, adult roaches of most species usually eat far less than nymphs do, except for gravid females. I suggest just letting them do their thing for a while. If you take apart and redo their enclosure often, I think it's likely to just disturb them. I also don't think you need to bleach or clean anything with dish soap, it might be more likely to harm them with residual chemicals. Also, make sure their cage is escape proof. I can't see the lid in the picture but babies could be escaping through the lid. Vaseline along the top inch inside of the walls helps. 👍
  3. They can climb smooth surfaces, so you'll want a tight fitting lid (with really small ventilation holes--or none at all) and you'll also probably want to smear some petroleum jelly or other barrier across the top inch or two of the walls. A lot of people do use plastic containers, especially sterilite containers with a foam gasket in the lid. Modified food storage containers, like the big cylindrical ones with screw top lids that pretzels come in, also work. Just rinse them out first.
  4. I don't have much experience using plants in roach enclosures, but something along the lines of Sansevieria (Dracaena), Tillandsia, or Aloe species might do well, depending on how much light they get. Pothos might work as well. These aren't necessarily native to the same areas as domino roaches though. You might have more options if you keep the plants in plastic pots in the substrate. I would definitely be curious to see how it turns out if you try it.
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