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  1. Impressive and certainly above my educational paygrade! However, it appears that the half-dozen factors determining loci optimality might themselves be subject to wildly inaccurate definition, measurement and/or interpretation. May I inquire about your institutional affiliation re this paper?
  2. It is also available as a free PDF from a number of online sites. It's a very interesting and thoroughly documented read, if a bit technical in some areas like phylogenetics. I had to use the glossary at the back quite a few times...
  3. A panoply of potentially toxic chemicals can remain in clothing, bed sheets, mattresses, etc. even after repeated washing. And because the little guy is an exotic, even a seemingly miniscule titer eaten or inhaled might prove harmful. Please see: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/10/151023084508.htm
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