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  1. Ok perfect! But does gyna lurida eat less than other gynas species or rather it's a common feature of all gynas compared to other roaches? Anyway this are some pictures I've taken
  2. Thank you! Now both species are arrived and they seemed very healty when I handled them to put the in the enclosures, I have like 50 mixed gynas and 100+ Panchloras, I ordered the 120 pack but I think that considering the tiny neanids they are actually more than 200. Anyway they quickly disappear in their enclosure and I almost never see them except for crazy gyna males at night, is that normal? Panchlora neanids are invisible while adults are on one side of the container doing nothig. Both almost do not eat. I think this should be normal at the beginning but I don't know.... I also think sinc
  3. Actually these kind of grey springtails also tend to inhabit my terrariums and my eclosures on their own, they came from outside I guess and now they are in the ground in large numbers sometimes, but they are defenitely not harmful and they help eating away even the smallest piece of leftovers...
  4. 1) I added some half bamboo sticks (large), some barks/woods and some very large leaves I've found, so that they can climb. I would like to avoid egg cartoons since I like the "natural" look it has now 2) For the Panchlora I've built a similar container but with a smaller net window so that it would keep more humidity in it, of course the opening can be closed completely if necessary. Should I do something extra to keep the humidity for them? (Is there a specific substrate to use?) If they like more hides I could use some big pieces of bark, coco shells, and some woods if it's fi
  5. Hi! I've recently bought online these species and I am setting the enclosure for them, they are not arrived yet... I've set up this enclosure which could be used either for P. Nivea or G. Lurida dependings on which would fit better in it according to your opinion, but I am planning to build something similar for the other specie. It's basically a wide plastic box with some openings I've made and closed with mosquito net and hot glue, it has a large lid but also a smaller entrance I've made recycling a DVD box (it worked pretty well actually) so that If I need to open the container at night or
  6. Hi! I'm new to this forum and as far as I have seen on the internet this is the best I've found about roaches... Actually I've started looking at these guys as feeder for my mantids but then I discovered a hidden beauty I couldn't ignore... Especially when I've discovered the genus Gyna! Anyway after some research on the internet I've found an italian site (I live in Italy) which was selling the centurions and I've bought two packs of them since they really amazed me as colorful and cute creatures. around 15 arrived mixed from nymphs and adults but some adults died short after the arriva
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