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  1. Yeah, but white bread is like..nothing, nutritionally. Why bother? I stick to watermelon rinds, squashes, and oranges mostly, along with leftover cereal and fishfood.
  2. She-Thing & Krunk, my first B.giganteus Karla & Groucha, my first mating pair of G.portentosa and Ulysses, the dominant male in my portentosa tank.
  3. I don't know about most, but they seem to get along well enough with my giganteus. I'd imagine any Blaberus would work.
  4. IME, roaches don't care for cukes or greens, and prefer oranges over crystals when both are offered. What kind of roaches are they, and how often are you feeding them? You might be feeding them too often--I notice a big difference in food interest if I feed more often than 1x/week, so that's all I feed.
  5. Mine are in a 20gal with some H.tenebricosa and I find I'm always wishing I had a bigger tank.
  6. ...that same site also lists atropos as a synonym of craniifer if you go a little further.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't do that for either species unless you plan on culling.
  8. B.fiscal and B.Atropos aren't synonyms.
  9. Does anyone know which Blaberus species is the smallest? I used to raise dubia as feeders, and they worked out Ok, but I didn't particularly like keeping them.
  10. I wouldn't..just because of laundry room chemicals and things.
  11. Defensive odor doesn't bother me..I just don't like sifting through for nymphs..I don't have any ivory. Might switch to different feeders..maybe B.bolivensis.
  12. B.giganteus and H.tenebricosa do fine together. I don't see why any other Blaberus wouldn't work. I've thrown in the occassional interesting B.dubia in as well. Tried B.cranifer and E.distanti...neversaw 7/10 of the cranifer ever again. I only keep Blaberidae personally.
  13. I've been using E.distanti as feeders, but I kinda don't like how armored the nymphs seem to be, and how much they burrow. Would E.posticus or ivory maybe be a better fit?
  14. The buyer let me know he got a shipment of B.dubia from WI last week which all arrived fine, so I decided to risk it. He just pmed me to let me know they all made it. They were all basically in suspended animation from the cold, but he got them warmed up and they're moving around.
  15. Temps have been getting down to the 30s and 20s.
  16. I'm going to be shipping ome B.giganteus to WA, and the weather has been cold lately. Should I include a heat pack? O_o
  17. Meanwhile, I read that B.giganteus nymphs ABSOLUTELY NEED wood to eat, so I put some cypress mulch in there container...and nothing. No interest whatsoever, and I haven't bothered with wood since and have had no troubles whatsoever.
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