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  1. I'd go with a Pacman frog personally, but that's an amphibian. I wouldn't go with a gecko--they don't eat enough as adults IMO.
  2. Also, I want to be clear given my prior topic on hybrids: I keep the two species in two entirely different container in different parts of the room, have two cats, and I'm also given to understand that B.giganteus can't hybridize. Further, I've only had the B.cranifer since September, and all were nymphs at the time. Nowhere near enough time to mature, reproduce, and have an adult B.giganteus x cranifer.
  3. My colony started from 2 B.giganteus in 2010 and I've been through maybe four or five generations? I've seen a LOT of variation in my colony with wing and pronotum markings, which is really surprising for them being as inbred as they are.
  4. I know Aaron Pauling sells some manner of hybrids,but they aren't labelled as far as what's in the cross IIRC. Blaberus.com used to sell a kind of hybrid as well--fusca x cranifer IIRC,but now that he doesn't selll anymore I can't check the site to see. I know Greg's Exotics used to as well, I think it was discoidalis x bolivensis? I just wonder if there are multiple hybrids? Ie, discoidalis x bolivensis x cranifer x fusca. I don't know that much about hybrids,but I'm interested in using them as feeders down the road, just for curiousity's sake.
  5. So, given these different groupings, would it be ok to keep colloseus with my giganteus?
  6. Assassin beetles, I hadn't considered that. That would be REALLY interesting. I wonder how fully grown Pandinus would do?
  7. So, something I've been considering "experimenting with," is a concept I like to call "fox in the henhouse." Many of us use roaches as feeders for invertebrates like scorpions, tarantulas, and so on. I wonder--if one of us were to introduce a predatory invert into a roach colony, would it actively hunt roaches in the tank? Or would it be freaked out by so many roaches?
  8. Dubia will be fine, and if you're primarily a herp person, not a roach person, then I wouldn't advise lateralis. They're very pestiforous looking, and IMO, smelly. I have a few species of roaches, and lats were too roachy for me! I'd stick with dubia nymphs though. Any of the mid-size Blaberus species would work, again, if you stick with nymphs. Same either Eublaberus species. Dubia and lats have the marked advantage of being sexually dimorphic at adulthood as well. EDIT: I would advise mixed over smalls, as far as getting a colony established.
  9. Banana. If they go brown--put 'em in the freezer to make muffins! I like buying bananas, because I don't like fresh ones all that much, so it's one of those few foods where the roaches get first crack at it, and then I eat it if it goes kinda bad.
  10. Specifically, the species I'm talking about are B.giganteus and H.tenebricosa. The tank I've been keeping them in is, well..has some gaps and I'd like to replace it. I also need to get rid of the old substrate and do a pretty deep clean of my colony. I figured, as long as I'm doing that, I might as well separate them into two enclosures (I prefer aquariums), but space is relatively limited. I'm wondering what the minimum tank size would be?
  11. Update: I've kept the colony unheated. The B.giganteus thrived, the hissers..well, didn't. I had just enough reproduction to replace my adults that died. I don't know if it's due to overcrowding, the addition of H.tenebricosa, or keeping it unheated.
  12. Update: on a hunch, I decided to add substrate, and keep it somewhat moist. I figured that would encourage a microclimate for springtails, and I could add isopods. I haven't seen any springtails yet, and I haven't seen the isopods I added in awhile, BUT, I have noticed my hives are MUCH improve. I still get the occasional itchiness, or hive, but it's not clusters of itchy pustules.
  13. Dubia: 1.) Sexually dimorphic. 2.) No defensive odor or stickiness 3.) Lats=too much like pest roaches for me 4.) They breed for me--lats wouldn't!
  14. My theory as well, I just remember hearing they have lifespans of about a year and a half..but then, I got the progenitors in summer of 2010.. I guess I hadn't sat down and though about how long I've actually had them until just now! I would guess everything is fine then!
  15. I started my B.giganteus colony from two individuals summer of 2010. I had nymps within a few months, starting in a 10 gallon aquarium, and then I moved them up to a 40gallon aquarium with some G.portentosa, and H.tenebrisoca. I've been experiencing periodic die-offs, usually a handful adults every few months. Does this seem average? I used to have a carpet of adult giganteus, and I wonder if I'm just seeing a generation die-off, and being replaced slowly, or if maybe the portentosa are predating on them? I usually find just wings, legs, and maybe antenna, no heads or abdomens.
  16. I made roasted redskin potatos and gave the roaches the leftovers. I would not advice doing this--the olive oil axphysiated several nymphs.
  17. Actually, after looking over some info--I'm probably going to go with a Eublaberus species, more than likely E.distanti as it doesn't have the defensive odor.
  18. Nothing serious, so far, but I've developed an allergy to dubia, or possibly their frass, or a bacteria on their skin. Just taking them out to feed my tarantulas results in hives. I keep forgetting to wear gloves, which would probably help, but I've been debating changing over to discoids me as some of my Ts are pretty big and even a fully grown dubia just..doesn't seem substantial enough to me. Plus if the wiggle out of my grip they crawl on my arms past the glove anyway. Any ideas on if changing over to discoids would be better for my apparent allergy? I can handle my other roaches (B.gigantues, G.portentosa,the Horseshoe Crab Roach whose binomial name evades me at the moment), just fine.
  19. Just wanted to add some more info: my multi-species colony has had some losses for B.giganteus nymphs. They were pretty big ones, and just seem to have died for no reason--I've heard that happens in the best of setups though, so I doubt it had anything to do with the other species.
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