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  1. I do find it kind of ironic that I've had an easy time with a harder species, and a harder time with an easier species as far as breeding. Oh well.
  2. Yep, I'm keeping all three species together. The H. tenebricosa have been doing quite well--they definently are shyer than the other species, but that's OK. It just means it's more special when they DO come out. They all seem fine--although, yes, to my knowledge the G.portentosa aren't breeding (I did just get a pair, yes), but I will point out I've been keeping them at room temp so far--and other than occasionally damping the sub I haven't been doing much for moisture. I'll be trading my tank for a larger one soonish so I'll alter some of my husbandry (and add some more portentosa) then. I must be doing something right though--the portentosa seem content, unstressed, and the giganteus are breeding (apparently they're one of the more difficult species and all I had to do was give them deep enough substrate, cypress mulch, and wait.) I'm really just seeing what works and having fun with it. The B.giganteus have had at least one brood, and possibly more--I saw some smaller roaches in there, but they *might* be G.portentosa. I'm still learning and most of the pics I can find are adults.
  3. Fair enough--standard, top-opening aquarium it is then. I'd prefer a front-loading one, but I'd rather not have escapes. It's not so much that I really, really want a vertical aquarium, as much as it is I want as big a tank as possible, and the biggest "footprint" I can have is the 29gal, and the 40gal is the same footprint, but taller--and if the roaches will use that vertical space, then that means I can have more roaches in the same horizontal space. Plus--I have a massive corkbark tube that is too tall for a 29 I think.
  4. I'm thinking about getting the S40H tank by MartyMade, for my multi-species roach colony. I've got G.portentosa, B.giganteus, H.tenebricosa, and hope to have some E.orini (Or was it D.orini?) as well. I have 2 questions: 1.) This is a very tall tank. I intend to add cork bark tubes and slabs to the sides with aquarium silicone. I know that people usually go with more horizontally oriented tanks for roaches, but if I provide ample levels of vertical/diagonal climbing, do you guys think they will use it, or will the extra space be wasted? 2.) These tanks have sliding glass doors, and are advertised, and reputed to be very secure for reptiles--does anyone think these are an escape hazard for roaches? I'm especially concerned with the portentosa, since they are a climbing species, but I don't think they'd be able to wiggle out. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. I have B.dubia as feeders, and G.portentosa and B.giganteus as pets. I've also used B.lateralis as feeders, but had too many escapees, and they smelled worse. The B.dubia love oranges, and applesauce. Also, I've heard you shouldn't give roaches anything that makes people gassy, since it does the same to roaches, and then when you open up the roach tank it smells like a tank full of roach farts!
  6. Been awhile since I've posted here, lol. Anyway, I've heard rumors of the hissers eating the legs off of millis, and the millis poisoning the roaches. I'd be willing to try it, except millis are kinda pricey for me to chance it. Plus I like my roachies!
  7. Technically, you are supposed to record each and every thing you buy online, and pay sales tax on it when you do your taxes. That's not just bugs, it's Amazon, eBay, etc. So, if people in the hobby aren't paying their taxes, it probably has more to do with it being primarily a mail order hobby.
  8. Well, it's working out great so far. The roaches don't seem to care at all. If I thought it would work out I'd get a millipede for the same tank.
  9. Ok, I just wanted to see if it was a terrible idea since I didn't find anything online quickly. I just put the hissers in with the Caves--I actually dropped my hisser female right on top of the caves (my hand slipped), and after an initial period of confusion and antenna waving, they pretty much realized they were all roaches and are now perfectly happy.
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