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  1. Hi Bart I keep them in a small plastic container with good aircirculation, about 5 cm (2 inches) of leafs from the forrest, that i keep moist at alle times. Leafs are mixed with rotten wood, since i have read somewhere that they eat it. Beside leafs and wood i feed them with fruit, which they seem to prefer over vegetables. I have only had mine for a month or so, but my first nymphs are adult now, so i hope that ill get some offspring sometime in the future. Regards Kenneth
  2. Hi Orin The adults are bout 15 mm. in lenght. Cool, dayactive roaches, and the most strinking colors! Regards Kenneth
  3. Hi. Thought i´d show of a few of my pictures. Hope you like them! Ellipthorhina javanica adult Oxyhaloa deusta Eurycotis opaca sp. 2 Hemithyrsocera lateralis adults and subadult nymphs. Hope you like ´em;-) Kenneth Tinnesen
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