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  1. Hey everyone! My colonies have gotten to the point where I think I should start using some clean up crews. Isopods seem like the easiest option. Can I just place them in there as is and they'll clean up? Or do I need to add anything to the enclosure? I mainly want to use them for my G. portentosa. Also, how do I tell that I need a clean up crew if I can't directly see the feces? I have a ton of G. caffrorum nymphs, and I'm wondering if they are doing their own clean up or not. Any advice would be appreciated! - Spencer
  2. Hi everyone! I have 5 small colonies right now, all with a heat gradient of 70F to 82F. Their tubs fog up pretty bad, and I only have ventilation on the top of the lid. I heard that cross ventilation is really important for roaches, is this true? Do I need to redo the ventilation on all my tubs? - Spencer
  3. Thanks! Sometimes I don't mind having faster and more spastic species. They are a blast to watch and a challenge to hold, so it's fun when you finally get one to be docile.
  4. Macropanesthia look amazing. They're definitely on my list when I have more cash! Quite the investment Roaches are incredibly fascinating to me. Their intelligence intrigues me, and I could watch my colonies for hours. It's so relaxing! Beetles just don't offer the same depth in that way. I agree with you, even now it's easier to find amazing roaches that most other insects.
  5. Oh! Haha, I guess I got an interesting situation then! I heard P. Sassurei are incredibly docile, so it will be a nice contrast to the G. Caffrorum!
  6. Okay, I'll check around. I have some G. Caffrorum and P. Sassurei coming this week! Thanks for the suggestions guys. Bummer about Kyle. It would be awesome if he came around again.
  7. Awesome, thanks everyone! I was recently looking into a few other species, and I wanted to know where I could find them. I'm particularly interested in Henschoutedenia flexivitta. I saw that Roach Crossing sells them, but I've also heard that Kyle isn't really active anymore. Is this true?
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Spencer. I'm living in Utah and studying Entomology at university right now. I am raising 3 Madagascar Hissers right now, but I am really interested in moving into Domino, Question Mark, and Glowspot roaches as well. I am rearing them as pets, but potentially as feeders a few years down the road. I love roaches because of their ease and almost instant return! Beetles (I raise Goliathus goliatus and Dynastes tityus right now) are only gratifying in the long term, but my Hissers can be handled even now, and grow so fast! Any recommendations on which species I should move into next? I prefer species that don't have wings for aesthetics and so my wife doesn't worry her brains out thinking that the roaches will fly at her haha. Nice to meet you all! - Spencer
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