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  1. The oldest nymph and 2 of the smaller ones look like males, the tiniest one might be too small to tell but I thought it looked like a female. The segment on that one looks wider than on the other nymphs
  2. I just got 4 of these a few days ago, I really want to breed them! The first thing I wanted to ask is how to sex the nymphs, I tried looking at the abdomen segments underneath like with my hisser nymphs but I can't tell 😕 I have one that's a lot bigger than the others, will keeping it at room temperature (70 F) and the other ones warmer let the smaller ones catch up to it in size? It looks like a subadult but I wasn't sure. Thanks for any help!
  3. I got a new subadult G. portentosa and shortly after feeding his abdomen would start getting bigger over a few hours until he regurgitated everything he had eaten! It happened another 3 times today. I gave all of my roaches sliced oranges and bananas but they're doing fine so i don't know if it's that... This is my only male portentosa so i really don't want to lose him
  4. Thanks @Allpet Roaches ! Of the bigger ones i still want to keep some of the Blaberus species, other kinds of hissers and Archimandrita tesselata
  5. Thanks @Hisserdude and @All About Arthropods ! Parcoblatta were actually some of the first i kept, I never knew they would be so great to have!
  6. Hi, i'm new here and to keeping roaches in general so sorry if i ask too many questions! I have 4 hissers, 2 dubias, a small parcoblatta colony and a single B. germanica as pets. I can't wait to get into other species too! A few of my roaches
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