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  1. That looks good. It's mostly sphagnum moss and orchid bark it looks like, with a little charcoal mixed in. I mix my own bedding by volume mostly. It's taken a little while to dial in but it's pretty much just 1/4 sphagnum moss, 1/2 med coco fiber chunks, and 1/8 peat moss, 1/8 leaf matter all mixed together. Keep practicing it's worth it when you get it right. I put a good 3 inches in the bottom of the tub and then add leaves and it keeps the moisture in pretty good. My tropical roaches love this stuff.
  2. Anyone else keep red head roaches (Oxyhaloa deusta)? I’m having issues with escapees. I have an insecta-slip barrier in my tubs, but the are getting out and invading my other colonies. They aren’t that hard to sort out since I mostly keep non climbing feeders. If anyone has tips for enclosures and barriers I would appreciate the help. They are and awesome little species just becoming a pain. I currently have them in a 27 gal plastic storage tote. I was thinking about modifying a barrel and applying insecta-slip so they fall back in when they try and get out. Anyway...thanks for your help!
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