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  1. Nice!! Sadly, hissing cockroaches are totally boring under blacklight, but in the process of finding that out, I did discover that dry-roasted peanuts fluoresce disturbingly well 0.o
  2. Is there anything I can add to my enclosure to help control fruit flies? Does anything eat them that won't eat roaches? I try to give my hissers lots of fresh fruit (they LOVE oranges) and it attracts fruit flies more or less instantly. I have a fruit fly trap in the cage (tub of grape juice and soap with holes in the top) but it doesn't catch nearly enough. I realize the flies probably aren't bothering the roaches, but they're bothering *me* 😉
  3. I've been adding 3D origami things to my roach habitat and they love hiding in the crannies. I like to make modular origami, but then I have this giant stellated dodecahedron and I usually don't actually want to *have* one; I just wanted to see if I could make it. So I give them to the bugs and toss the old ones when they get ratty.
  4. About a year ago I adopted my mother's G. portentosa colony, which was probably started in around 2005. They've been happily breeding since late spring and don't seem to care that they live in Massachusetts. I'm thinking of getting a few more to add to the colony just to improve the gene pool, since they have to be pretty inbred at this point. Are they...territorial at all? As in, are they likely to attack strange new roaches in their habitat, or will they just go "oh, you're a roach, cool" and integrate them into the colony?
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