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    Cockroaches: Gromphadorhini, Oxyhaloinae, Panesthiinae, Corydiinae, Termitoidae
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  1. Earlier this week, I was presented with 7 middle aged nymphs Therea nuptialis (Gerstaecker, 1861). This species is very rare in culture, and for me, collecting Corydiinae, this is a very desirable acquisition. I hope that after the nymphs enter the imago, I will be able to get a sufficient number of ootheca and consolidate the species in my culture.
  2. Yes, I know that they work abroad, but in Russia and the CIS they do not work with this
  3. Here, in Russia and the CIS in general, many do not even suspect that there are different types. Most believe that there is simply "Madagascar hissing cockroach." Others, however, think that any black cockroach is Princisia. 😄 This is all because no one has seriously studied and is not engaged in this group. I am, perhaps, the only person who is trying to do this. Now I am preparing for publication my book about Gromphadorhini and preparing an Internet site completely dedicated to Oxyhaloinae.
  4. And I really want Simandoa conserfariam, I know only one person in Russia who has this species, but he still has few of them, but he promised to sell me the first one as soon as he can, but it will probably be very expensive :) In the spring I will get Gromphadorhina oblongonota, Elliptorhina coquereliana and Princisia sp. "Black & White". With Oxyhaloinae species, everything is generally very bad, too little in culture. I now have from this subfamily: Aeluropoda insignis Elliptorhina chopardi Elliptorhina javanica Elliptorhina laevigata Gromphadorhin
  5. Bantua sp. Namibia Corydidarum magnifica (Shelford, 1907) Corydidarum pygmaea (Karny, 1915) Corydidarum tarsalis (Walker, 1868) Hyposphaeria sp. South Africa Pseudoglomeris glomeris (Saussure, 1863) Pseudoglomeris terranea (Walker, 1871) and several more indeterminate Perisphaerus species from Southeast Asia. This is what different keepers have.
  6. Yes I agree. By the way, even if the abdomen is completely black or dark brown, then all the same, the red spots on the pterothorax must be well pronounced.
  7. Yes, they are wonderful, I also think to start collecting them on the sly
  8. Yet Princisia is variable. Even the holotype differs from the paratypes. In addition, in natural populations, individuals with completely black abdomenal tergites are found (as confirmation, a specimen collected by J. Beccaloni). The main and invariable is the shape of the pronotum - its front edge should always bear more or less pronounced outgrowths along the edges of a semicircular or almost straight cutout.
  9. Yes, in Russia there are also few of them in collections, no more than a dozen species from three to five genera, but sometimes new species are brought from Southeast Asia.
  10. And I used to collect everyone too, everything I could find 😄 «What is «the mimic type of cockroaches»?
  11. I, unfortunately, did not understand the phrase, I do not speak English very well 😁 Maybe it can be said differently?
  12. Раньше я собирал тараканов из определенных групп, но теперь решил избавиться от сопутствующих видов, не представляющих интереса для специфики сбора. Прежде всего, я избавился от Blaberinae и Blattidae. Потом из других групп. Сейчас моя коллекция сильно поредела 😜, остались только (как и ожидалось) Oxyhaloinae, Corydiinae и Panesthiinae. Какие конкретно группы тараканов вы собираете?
  13. I have a very simple diet for all cockroaches - wheat bran, oatmeal, ground bread crumbs, gammarus (dry food for aquarium fish), bone meal, carrots
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