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  1. I have two rhino nymphs that are 7-8 months old. I'm not sure of their sex. They went from being very inactive to exploring their enclosure on a daily basis since I cut their substrate down a couple of weeks ago. Their newest odd behavior is sitting with in a corner, one standing on top of the other. I was wondering if anyone has seen this before. From what I understand they are way too young to mate, and if it's a dominance thing, I should probably separate them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this thread. What method do you use to keep your substrate from drying out? I've got two rhino nymphs in a potting soil/coir/sand mix. I'm currently misting one half of their enclosure whenever the substrate looks dried out. Since I don't always know where they are, I'm hesitant to move their substrate around too frequently. They seem content, but I'm always open to new or better ways of doing things. I'd love to hear what works for you
  3. Update! I pared down the substrate last night and both roaches took a tour of their enclosure. One has been burrowed all night from what I can tell while the other has been exploring, eating, and burrowing in various locations. The most interesting thing is that both roaches are typically very shy and hide when they see me. The more active roach doesn't seem to mind me at all anymore and even crawled onto my hand when I was modifying their enclosure. They appear to have grown some since I saw them last. Such fascinating creatures!
  4. Thanks for your response! I did see some posts on here regarding molting issues in captivity, so I really appreciate you addressing that point.
  5. Hello, I have two Macropanesthia rhinoceros nymphs that are approximately seven months old. Over the past couple of months, it would appear that they are becoming less active. I seldom see them at night and their leaves are not being disturbed on the surface. Previously, they would take bites out of their leaves or transport small pieces underground. I am able to view them by peering through the glass underneath their enclosure and they are alive, but not coming to the surface to eat. Has anyone else experienced this? Their enclosure is a ten gallon fish tank with 4" of substrate (organic pott
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